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In the realm of Evalore, there are two separate parts of the worlds which were once together. The two worlds were Dark and Light.

Why are they separated?

When the King of Light lost his wife, he wanted to find another Queen to take care of his son. The next Queen who was chosen came from Dark. One day, the Queen was caught attempting to steal the Diamond of Magic and the Diamond of Balance. The King was furious and cut all ties with the Queen, and banished her from Light, as well as Dark.

If both the diamonds are merged together at the break of dawn, it will form into the Elixir of Life, which will make one almost unstoppable, and bring chaos to the world if it feel into the wrong hands.

The Diamond of Magic was disrupted somehow and released magic to the people in Evalore. The Queen who failed her attempt to steal the Diamonds wanted revenge, and has almost everyone in Dark to hate the people of Light. A big war happened between both worlds and the Queen managed to take the Diamond of Balance. Balance between both worlds were lost, and the world’s fell apart. A magical border was formed and prevented anyone to leave their own world, unless they are allowed by the other world to do so.

Many centuries later, the Prince of Light had an idea to let some people from Dark to come to Light, as well as to make peace between these two worlds on his birthday.

Since it was his birthday and he can make any wish he wanted, the King and Queen of the Light world wrote a letter to the Dark world informing them that they are going to invite some people from their world to come to Light. The people from Dark will be randomly chosen to visit Light.

Just some extra info, if your character is from the Dark world, he/she doesn’t have to be bad or anything and same goes for the characters in the Light world.
Your character can have or not have powers. Your choice. Or your character can also have one power too if you like.

Just post the form and I’ll add your character below. After your character is added, you may RP.
Or you can reserve first, but you can’t RP yet.
Remember to tag me at your post of the Form if I miss it!

Sign up Form:
Name of Character:
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want):
Power (max: two):
Where they are from:
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything!):


  1. When you RP, pls put your character name.
  2. If you want to curse, please use blur or use *.
  3. Nothing too violent or bad
  4. Please don’t use ORPs too much. Either say it here or on the chat for it (will be made when the RP starts) or with your post for the RP or summarize it.
  5. Try not to have the same powers as others unless they’re related. (Or you can ask the person who already has a character with that power if they let you use it or not.) Most is 2 characters with the same power
  6. No God-modding or controlling other’s characters
  7. Have fun!



You receive a letter saying that you are invited to Light. Your name is there in the letter with someone else who is from Light which will be who you’ll be staying with.


You get a letter saying that you are assigned with someone from Dark and you must treat them well, since they are guests.


You will be sent to the biggest and the best hotel in Light and for free. Your expenses will all be paid for you when you stay there. You receive the keys and your room number. You will be living with your assigned partner.

Hope you’ll join!

Characters (I’ll try to keep them up to date):

  1. Roxanne Hearts @SilverStar (4) :black_heart:
  2. Rose Hearts @SilverStar (5) :black_heart:
  3. Daku Kage @SilverStar (6) :white_circle:
  4. Claire Mercier @readerslivesouls (3) :black_heart:
  5. Max @Tellyg47 (7) :black_heart:
  6. Lucky Blank @Tellyg47 (10) :white_circle:
  7. Maxine Loper @ShortSpaces (141) :black_heart:
  8. Martin “Marty” Peander @ShortSpaces (160) :white_circle:
  9. Lola Glynne (@DaydreamiiE) Now @jassie12dw (37) :black_heart:
  10. Ashton Barker (@DaydreamiiE) Now @Secretz_lol (48) :white_circle:
  11. Estelle McMillan @Episode.BriarRose (51) :white_circle:
  12. Nesta @IDONTKNOWREAL (69) :black_heart:
  13. Marcus Almadori @LeviTheLunatic (76) :black_heart:
  14. Emma White @LeviTheLunatic (85) :white_circle:
  15. Kaden @IDONTKNOWREAL (90) :white_circle:
  16. Adelia Pruitt @AngelinaTheUnicorn (94) :white_circle:
  17. Carys DeBeline @Drama_Queer (152) :white_circle:
  18. Murar Valerie @RawrFlurry (157 ) :black_heart:
  19. Ashley Yova @Chocolate_Mama (159) :black_heart:
  20. Asuna Ecclestone @AtlasFlameAi (168) :white_circle:
  21. Grandpa Perkins @FinnTheGhost (183) :white_circle:
  22. Nikola @FinnTheGhost (184) :white_circle:
  23. Reserved @FinnTheGhost
  24. Bella Triden @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE (179) :black_heart:
  25. Eleanor @Eleanor_W-15 (190) :black_heart:
  26. Reserved @Grace_Stars
  27. Stella Stone @SilverStar (202) :black_heart:
  28. Briar Blosom @RyRydoezepisode (204) :white_circle:


  1. Roxanne Hearts :black_heart: and Daku Kage :white_circle: @SilverStar
  2. Rose Hearts :black_heart: @SilverStar and Emma White :white_circle: @LeviTheLunatic
  3. Claire Mercier :black_heart: @readerslivesouls and Kaden :white_circle: @IDONTKNOWREAL
  4. Max :black_heart: @Tellyg47 and Estelle McMillan :white_circle: @Episode.BriarRose
  5. Lucky Blank :white_circle: @Tellyg47 and Marcus Almadori :black_heart: @LeviTheLunatic
  6. Martin “Marty” Peander :white_circle: @ShortSpaces and Murar Valerie :black_heart: @RawrFlurry
  7. Lola Glynne :black_heart: @jassie12dw and Ashton Barker :white_circle: @Secretz_lol
  8. Adelia Pruitt :white_circle: @AngelinaTheUnicorn and Nesta :black_heart: @IDONTKNOWREAL
  9. Maxine Loper :black_heart: @ShortSpaces and Carys DeBeline :white_circle: @Drama_Queer
  10. Ashley Yova :black_heart: @Chocolate_Mama and Asuna Ecclestone :white_circle: @AtlasFlameAi
  11. Grandpa Perkins :white_circle: @FinnTheGhost and Eleanor :black_heart: @Eleanor_W-15
  12. Nikola :white_circle: @FinnTheGhost and Bella Triden :black_heart: @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE
  13. Stella.Stone :black_heart: @SilverStar and Briar Blosom :white_circle: @RyRydoezepisode


  1. Roxanne Hearts @SilverStar (4)
    Mind Control & Mind Reading
  2. Rose Hearts @SilverStar (5)
    Creation and Mind Control
  3. Daku Kage @SilverStar (6)
    Shadow and Wind
  4. Claire Mercier @readerslivesouls (3)
    Power of sound & telekinesis
  5. Max @Tellyg47 (7)
    Super healing & has the ability to use 100% of his brain but can only use it once a day
  6. Lucky Blank @Tellyg47 (10)
    super healing & heal others
  7. Maxine Loper @ShortSpaces (141)
    Self-Multiplication and Reality Warping
    Reality Warping - The person using the power can change the reality into whatever they want.
    Self-Multiplication - Make clones of yourself.
  8. Martin “Marty” Peander @ShortSpaces (160)
    Super Memory and Detecting Lies
  9. Lola Glynne @jassie12dw (37)
  10. Ashton Barker @Secretz_lol (48)
  11. Estelle McMillan @Episode.BriarRose (51)
    The power of light (she manipulates light, and can control all types of electricity and energy. She can make you blind or temporarily blind)
  12. Nesta @IDONTKNOWREAL (69)
    power to know the deepest desire of anyone & make illusions to make one believe something is happening when it’s not.
  13. Marcus Almadori @LeviTheLunatic (75)
    The abillity to create diseases and abillity to spread any disease (even the ones that don’t spread) without being infected.
  14. Emma White @LeviTheLunatic (85)
    Abillity to copy any power by touching the person with powers and abillity to control people if you marked them with a hickey (only lasts as long as the hickey is visible on the neck)
  15. Kaden @IDONTKNOWREAL (90)
    has the power to wield darkness. He can make your worst fears come true. He manipulates the shadows and can winnow. He can steal and channel the darkness.
  16. Adelia Pruitt @AngelinaTheUnicorn (94)
    reading minds & telekinesis
  17. Carys DeBeline @Drama_Queer (152)
    Cupid Powers
  18. Murar Valerie @RawrFlurry (157)
    Curses, water manipulation in liquid, solid and gas states
  19. Ashley Yova @Chocolate_Mama (159)
  20. Asuna Ecclestone @AtlasFlameAi (168)
  21. Grandpa Perkins @FinnTheGhost (183)
    He can manipulate probability, Ouch My Back allows him to back out of anything and tell the weather
  22. Nikola @FinnTheGhost (184)
  23. Reserved @FinnTheGhost
  24. Bella Triden @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE (179)
    Power of manipulation
  25. Eleanor @Eleanor_W-15 (190)
  26. Reserved @Grace_Stars
  27. Stella Stone @SilverStar (202)
    Creation and the ability to know other’s information
  28. Briar Blosom @RyRydoezepisode (204)
    Power of air and nature

Dark: 13 characters
Light: 13 characters
Reserved: 2 characters

@FinnTheGhost 1 character - 23
@Grace_Stars 1 character - 26


@readerslivesouls @Tellyg47 @ShortSpaces @DaydreamiiE @Episode.BriarRose @IDONTKNOWREAL @LeviTheLunatic @AngelinaTheUnicorn @Drama_Queer @RawrFlurry @Chocolate_Mama @AtlasFlameAi
@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @FinnTheGhost @Eleanor_W-15 @Secretz_lol @jassie12dw @RyRydoezepisode

New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]
Evalore | RP | Official Thread 👑
Any one have a role play?
Evalore | RP | Official Thread 👑
The Amazing Race : Forums Edition (RP) Signups!

Summary if you are too lazy to read the whole thing.


This is for @readerslivesouls character, not mine.


User: SilverStar
Name of Character: Roxanne Hearts
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want): Heterosexual
Power (max: two): Mind Control and Mind Reading
Where they are from: Dark
Bio: She is Rose’s twin sister and came from a rich family. Her parents are often busy with their work so they aren’t home that much. She trains herself to fight in a fighting club everyday to get stronger.
Personality: Roxanne was always the more… annoying one and has a fiery personality. She tends to ask a lot of questions or annoy someone just for fun. She is also competitive and up for a challenge anytime. She can also lie to you anytime or betray you. But, you’ll never know what’s going on with this gal here.
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything!):


User: SilverStar
Name of Character: Rose Hearts
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want): Pansexual
Power (max: two): Creation and Mind Control
Where they are from: Dark
Bio: She is Roxanne’s twin sister and came from a rich family too since they practically already live under the same roof. She doesn’t stay at home much as well. When she isn’t at home, she either trains with Roxanne or drag Roxanne to party with her.
Personality: Cool, fun, outgoing. She makes friends easily and is also manipulative at times. She has a lot of personalities that you won’t know even if you are her friend. The only person who knows her the best is Roxanne and she knows Roxanne the best too. Roxanne and her always have each other’s back no matter what. She is also flirty too and jokes around sometimes.
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything!):


User: SilverStar
Name of Character: Daku Kage
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want): Heterosexual
Power (max: two): Shadow and Wind
Where they are from: Light
Bio: He may be the most positive person you have met, but he has quite a past. He had a big brother when he was young, but he accidentally caused a fire in his own room and was trapped inside. His brother saved him but didn’t manage to save himself from the fire. He blamed himself for causing the fire and closed off his real feelings and pretended to be okay.
Personality: He is kind, caring, funny, sweet, handsome… But that’s just a cover to hide his real self. No one talked about the fire or blamed him for it but some of them secretly do. He likes to chill or play some games. He also likes challenges.
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything!):


I’m in.
Name:Max last name don’t know
Sex: bisexual
Powers: super healing, and has the ability to use 100% of his brain but can only use it once a day.
Were there are form: dark world
Bio: Max has been a study subject his whole life. They told him his parents sold him to them when he was 1. They experimented on his brain trying to make him the smartest person alive.
Personality: To be honest it’s he first time in the “light world” (out of the lab) so he don’t know who he, yet he’s one goal is to find a reason to live.
Fc: https://goo.gl/images/yLsPZ9


Thanks for filling in the form! I have added your character in!


We need 2 more from Light for now so the characters from Light and Dark will be even.

If your character is from Light, your character doesn’t have to be good or anything.
If your character is from Dark, your character doesn’t have to be bad or anything too.

Light and Dark are just names for the two places.


Guess I can do two
Name:lucky blank
Sex:girls (heterosexual)
Power: super healing/heal other too
Bio: lucky has lived with his family and had a semi-happy life but he feel like something missing (someone) and without that he feel half full. His family is nice caring has two parents and a little sister.
Personality: he is bad, always getting into trouble school, home everywhere. Not knowing what love is he don’t care how many people he upset (unless it’s he family). He smart, and laugh even at the worst of moment.
Give me a 1 for face


Is he from Light or Dark?


Sorry light




Lucky faceclame: https://goo.gl/images/NvYC95


I have added Lucky in. Thnx again!


No problem.


What does it mean by both?




The “light”, “dark”, and “both”.