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lol okk except DONT TRUST HER

I should make a character called chrispy




@FinnTheGhost’s character


Another one of @FinnTheGhost’s character


Hell yeah you guys
Nikola is in this one too


He really does look like a Nikola.


R i g h t ?


Can i sign up now?




Sign up Form:
User: Eleanor_W-15
Name of Character: Eleanor
Age: 16 nearly 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want): Bisexual
Power (max: two): Telepathy
Where they are from: Dark
Bio: Born in the Dark Kingdom Eleanor grew uo in the city and was raised heavily around music. She became the singer of a band however this didn’t last so she now travels solo. She ran away from home at 14 because her parents did not accept her for who she was.
Personality: She trusts to easily and despite being from the dark kingdom she always looks for the light in others. She has a bad side and people do not want to be on it.
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything!):





@Eleanor_W-15 telekinesis isn’t available since there are already two characters with that power?


Ok just telepathy


Can you change your post btw? Sorryyyy


Yeah sure


Btw @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE since you’re back now can you explain what this power can do?


So I can still join, right? :unicorn:


Anytime :grin:


Yayyy! I’m gonna reserve a spot please, I need to finish this other thing first lol. :unicorn: