Eva's art shop (open free LL)Updated (character card, splash, outline, edits..)

Hi welcome to my little Art shop
i will do character cards, splashes, Banners, outline, edits, edited covers and about covers its not sure but if you want you can request here i will try my best

My examples

Touch me

Cover i tried with my story

cursed fairy

i know i have only few examples but i have many i will update it soon

*Don’t spam this thread
Don’t rush me (I’ll try to complete your request within two day?)
*Actually use what I created for you? It’s quite logic, but it is super demotivating for me to see anyone request something and not use it…
i can decline your request based on how hard is your request and my time but i am sure i will accept most because i am always in front of lap lolol
And don’t ask me is this shop open because its open
i will take 3 request a time and i will take another three once i finish the first
Don’t forget to add password ice cream :icecream:
You can credit me using my insta @eva_episode15

And also one thing if you want to join my shop plz pm me



What text would you like on the splash?
Any specific font?
Anything else you want to add?
If you want a character:
Character(s) details:
Character(s) outfit(s)

Character card

Character’s name:
Size of card:
Do you want the outfit to be shown on the card?i didn’t try to add outfit but if you want i will try to add
Any specific font?
Character’s details:
Character’s outfit(s):
Pose: :
Extra (a piercing or tattoo, etc):
Anything else you would like to add?


What should it say?
Any specific font?
Any extra details?
If a character is involved:
Character(s) details:
Character(s) outfit(s):


*Character details
*Photo with pose if you want


*character details
*outfit details
*asthetics(romance,fear etc…)

Completed list:

Waiting list



I don’t really need anything atm but can I use one of your examples for my story? It’s a character card. I’ll credit you as @eva_episode15 .

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yaa you can use :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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bump! great examples babes :))

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Do you do art scenes by any chance? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am still learning about that :relaxed:

oh okay, thank you anyways :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
One last question, charater cards are their like details correct?

yes its correct

Sorry I’m new to this but can I request two charater cards from you by any chance?
password : ice cream :icecream:

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yaa and thanks, btw plz give the details i will do it

Good morning/evening
Password: ice cream :icecream:
Theme/Aesthetic: fear

What text would you like on the splash?
WARNING this story contains mature language…ENJOY
Any specific font? Whatever you think is suitable
Anything else you want to add? Can you add a censor bar over the characters mouth
If you want a character:
Character(s) details:
Character card by: medusa.jett
Character(s) outfit(s)
Pose(s): something that makes her look like she is cussing

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Sure thing
Theme/Aesthetic: Mafia
Pose, background, and outfit: Any

Character one is female ~ Audenzia
body type: Athletic in neutral 5. Brow: Arched Natural Scar in Black. Hair: High Wavy Pony Tail Over Shoulder in Blue black. Eyes: Female Generic in hazel dark. Face: Diamond Defined Contour. Nose: Defined Natural. Lips: Full Round Pouty in Red garnet Gloss.

Character 2 is male ~ Tyler
body type: Athletic in neutral 3. Brow: Arched medium in chestnut brown. Hair: Messy Undercut in Dirty Blonde. Eyes: deepset downturned lidded in deep blue. Face: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved. Nose: Straight pointed. Lips: Full heart natural in Beige Deep Neutral

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Request accepted


Do you want the same bg for guy also or i have fire like bgs:

this is a example may be i will use any thing like this or the same bg for the girl

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which ever one you think seems fitting for him, I plan on making them into an Instagram highlight :blob_hearts:


would we have to pay for a character card?

No everything’s free :grin:

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Lol srry im not the owner or apart of the shop but @Ayana.biju5 (owner) can do it…

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oops sorry. I replied to the wrong person. Lol