Ever got bored of Customizations?

I like full CC

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I used to love CC, I’ve always wanted to read a story with CC but now I don’t care anymore tbh.

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I feel like customizing is a way to connect the story in a personal level. I used to be one of these must CC readers as well until I read a really good story with limited CC and I was like woah. And I started reading stories without customizing. I use limited and full CC in my stories^^


I’m fine with limited CC or just being able to pick a different hairstyle and lip colors but with full CC it makes it hard like if I make a darker skin character and there is art scenes with A lighter skin MC, I’m like who this chick? So it depends sometimes I’m too lazy and keep the character looking the same. Also I hate having to do CC for every single character from family members to the LI to my best friend brothers girlfriend sisters husband like I don’t want to remake 50 characters

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I totally agree with you I also get bored with customisation again and again even I got bored with the tab “looks perfect” when it appears after customising family member

I’m happy with limited customisation :grinning::wink:


I hate it when we have to customize the whole cast at the start of the story :angry:

Some authors add CC as each character is introduced throughout the story and, if you HAVE to have CC, then I prefer it that way.


I like it when I can customise the MC en LI. But I get annoyed when, at the beginning of a story, I have to customise not only the MC, but also multiple LI, parents, brothers, sisters, MC as a child etc.
I also don’t like the possibility to change your character throughout the story. And yes I’m absolutely sure my character looks good :slight_smile:



What I find annoying is there are stories that had the readers waste their free pass because the customization took up episode one because of how many characters to customize ;-;

Ok, I have to add this I hate when the featured story gives you the option to CC the MC but they only have the most basic hairstyles (like from when LL was first introduced) if you are so lucky that you get to use the Episode Only assets then why are you making us pick from the super basic hairstyles, when there are at least a dozen hairs that have not been released, yet you the author can use, and if Dara can update her CC templates to include all the new hairstyles why don’t you use it.

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Whenever I customise, I always leave the character as close to the original as I can. I won’t change anything drastically - I only change the eye shape, face shape, lip shape and nose. I will never change eye colour, hair colour, lip colour or skin colour because I think it changes the storyline a bit. I put customisation in my stories just because I know how much of a pain readers can be about it because once, a long time ago, I was one.


I find it useless, your appearance is not going to affect the story anyway XD

I still prefer full CC. Only MC and LI is what i ever ask for🙏

of CC yes, of choosing outfits never. but I like it if the characters have their own personality and CC takes a bit away from that, imo.

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Same. I’d rather play as a character with set looks and their own personality. The only time I wish for CC is when the characters don’t look natural because the author doesn’t know how to combine features in a more realistic way… but that’s a whole other thing.


Ooh, the tea :tea:


Yes. I used to also be one of those readers that cared about CC. Now, i dont really care. I think, because Episode is a really unique storytelling app, when we first get hooked on it we want to take advantage of the seemingly endless customization options that episode offers. Then as time goes on, we get used to it and aren’t nearly as mesmerized by it anymore haha


That’s exactly what happened to me as well. :smiley:


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