Ever had a crush on an episode character?

So this is pretty awkward but I think every reader has read a story and been like “damn they fine”. :joy: it’s the worst kind of feeling because you know he doesn’t exist and he’s just so perfect and ugh. I personally have never had a full blown crush but I’ve had close encounters. I’m gonna list a few

Christopher Shaw and Mason Shaw (The Shaw Brothers)

Paul and John (The Lovely One)

Caprice (My Skater Lover)

Blake Everett (He’s not actually bad is he?)

And also Jay and Cole Stone (Bad Boys Girl)

Let me know if you have a pathetic crush on an episode character or just let me know your favourite love interest for a story :joy::joy::joy: :+1::ok_hand:

Probably Ryder from my pscho his personality is awesome :flushed: and he’s hot which is a plus


Yaaasss I love My Psycho :joy::joy:

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Yes All time.

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Zev Aarons. Bittersweet Wounds :heart_eyes:

Same :heart_eyes: i finally checked the story out

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Lmao yaaasss he’s bae

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Yes, Emerson from Infamous Topdogs, he is my epi guy :kiss:

He’s too cute
I swear I love him

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Eh, I don’t think the designs are particularly good-looking…especially sometimes when they’re animated, LOL, but I’ve loved many a character mostly dependent on their personalities.

I like Episode’s art, don’t get me wrong >.> Oof, I just think really hot cartoon characters come from comic books. LOL, like my current PFP, Static Shock!!!


Jude from The Girl Upstairs! He’s such a sweetheart

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Uh, yes! I’m in love with Ryan from Sweetest Mistake! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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