Ever had that uncle in law giving off weird vibes?

We went on a trip on the weekend today and I feel like he’s always making up bland excuses like coming over to ask if my cousins want something or just coming up and hugging them. his voice makes me cringe and I ugh 2huohd3udj3s
everywhere I go he follows me but not too close, yesterday I hit the ping pong ball near the dining table and he walked extra fast there to just grab the ball and hand it to me (he was all the way in the sofa, watching his phone). i’m going crazy and tbh i just wanna throw up now


OMG SO SO true lol .always happens to me

lol talk to your parents about it, maybe they will talk to him. For real kinda scary

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Oh no! Please stay safe, discuss this with a parent or someone older…gut feelings are are valid most times hope everything turns out alright.


Omg that sounds weird but I think you should talk to your parents about it I would not want to have that kind of experience my mum always tell me that if something weird is happening similar to that I should tell her right away

even though they are family you don’t know what they can do

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Bruh, uncles shouldn’t make you uncomfortable. My non-blood-related uncles don’t make me uncomfortable at all.

Trust your gut though like people said above. Ask your cousins if they notice anything and mention it to someone you know. If you’re super worried about overreacting, just ask a friend to come over and pay attention. I’ve done that with some “sus” people and 90% of the time it wasn’t just a “me problem”.

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