Ever met someone who wasn't who you thought they were?

If you have coincidently read one of my topics from last week, then you probably already know what this is about. If not I suggest giving it a read to understand what this is focused on. Last week I met this boy, and I thought I knew him, like his personality and characteristics but it turns out I didn’t. Below is the link where you can read about my first description of him…

Now, the last couple of days he has been coming around more and I got to see who he really is. He will blow my phone up and get mad if I don’t text him back in time. Yesterday he cussed me out and said it was my fault, he’s the jealous type (he feels like my “friend” likes me) so he has been trying to break us apart… along with all of that he has been being mean to my brother and pushing him around. Whenever I’m on my phone or around other boys he doesn’t let me out of his sight and he doesn’t talk to anyone… which are his friends too. Like last time, there is a lot more to it but I need opinions because its hard to stay away from him when he lives next door and wont go home when I ask… what do I do?!

If you don’t have any advice, let me know your personal experiences! I’ll try to help.


TELL.THE.AUTHORITIES :upside_down_face:

Okay, I think you need to stay away from him. He is going to be more abusive towards you. So just try not to go near him. Or when he comes up to you just say that you have to pee. And tell your parents about this situation as well, so they will know about it.

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I thought about it, but at the end of the day there’s nothing they can do right now because he hasn’t done anything “wrong”… and he’s only 13 :grimacing:


try to stay away please. it will just get worse for you and him. it’s safer this way. it may be hard, but it will be for the best, as cringey as that sounds.

Trust me, after tonight I’m not talking to him anymore… he walked up to my house without permission earlier and blew my phone up asking where I was and who I was with when he already knew. My mom has been here with me every step of the way and said she didn’t want him around but he came back anyways. All of this may be over exaggerated because he’s only 13, and he hasn’t physically hit me or anything he’s just a very jealous and defensive type of person.


Sounds like good advice to me… thank you & I’ll try!

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I think you need to call 911, he is being creepy af.

Tell the authorities or someone older that you can trust (parent/guardian), they won’t be mad if you felt threatened or scared in some way. Try not to be stuck alone with him if you don’t trust him. Don’t let him know you’re scared because if he tries to do something to you he already knows that you’re afraid.

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Technically he hasn’t done anything wrong so calling the cops would only escalate the situation… his mom that he said was “on the crazy side” lets him run around the neighborhood whenever he wants so she’s no help either.

Oh god, well lock the door, and if you hear someone knocking on the door, you should check the window to see if it is him.

Try to stay away from him.

My mom has been a part of this also, she’s seen his actions and behavior to a certain degree but I feel like I’m making this sound worse than it is… he doesn’t have a clue about what or how I’m feeling because I haven’t been talking to him like I was before so I guess that’s a good thing.

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I will! thanks for your help.

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Np, that is what I would do if someone knocks on the door. If he is on his crazy side the mom should just bring him to a mental facility.

Well I’ll be honest… he may have some type of mental illness other than the depression because he isn’t exactly “bright” some might describe it as but I’m not sure. According to him she isn’t any better…

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Oh man, honestly is there any way you can bring him to a mental facility or no?

No way… he left my house not an hour ago and he’s already blowing my phone up. I don’t think he’s completely crazy like I’ve made him sound but he could get worse overtime.

Hmm, I think you should bring him to a therapist if that is possible.

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All of these are red flags for an abusive relationship. I would tell someone immediately and call a number that deals with abusive relationships, try and break it off wiTh him as soon as possible!