Ever Read A Story With 'Bad' Main Characters?


We’ve all read stories on Episode on how the ‘bad’, i.e. evil or antagonistic characters try to undermine or lessen the growth of the protagonist or the Main Character. The ‘bad’ character can be in the form of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed cheerleader in high school, the drug/alcohol addict parent, the abusive partner, the traitorous sibling etc. Have you come across any story where the main character is himself/herself a ‘bad’ character? I’m not talking about those where they were bad before but now they’re ‘good’. I’m talking about those who’re bad throughout the story and whether their ‘evilness’ actually reigns firm or leads to their downfall in the conclusive part (ending) of the story. Feel free to share the stories and their characters and what YOU thought about them! :no_good_woman:


Actually, Graduation : Countdown (I think that’s the title) had it where the MC is a total mean bitach. /// Obvi (sorry, author, it was really predictable), the MC was the most popular kid in school, and she had a nerd do her homework. He takes her out do have fun and stuff, she grows a crush on the nerd. He was taking her out because she needed one last essay to graduate, and he wouldn’t do it unless she hung out with him. /// At the ending scene, you get to pick. Come Clean, telling everyone you never did any of your homework & not grad high school - but keep the boy. Or, don’t come clean, get into that fancy college and loose the boy.

I actually recall both endings, as I believe the author allows you to repick.

I wouldn’t say I disliked the idea of ‘Bad’ Main Characters, but because the ending of this story was so predictable, it really destroyed the the affect because I knew she was going to want to change her ways. If the story was somewhat unpredictable, inwhich I would be kept to the edge of my seat wondering how the story would end. By Unpredictable, you really should know that your character is going to end ‘bad’, but it’s how they end bad that keeps me to the edge of my seat.

I would love to read more stories that have evil characters through out the story. I am actually thinking of making one, making fun of romance cliches, by having the MC the most irritating, dead personality, shittiest person you will ever meet.


Dirty Sexy Teenagers is set around a girl called Bella Elington who is rich and mean


The whole bad boy and blonde cheerleader aspect is a huge cliche used on Episode.
Personally I hate it. I think people who use these types aren’t using all their creative capacity. These characters lack personality and explanation. They’re practically there to make the Main Character feel like a twat or serve as a love interest. I’m not a huge fan of stories that revolve around high school drama and clicks.
Currently I’m working on a story Called Not to Hot and it’s about a boy who has two bodies. One body is a nerdy and ugly while the other is drop dead gorgeous. He attends high school with a bunch of interesting figures.
I admit, I have some tropes as well but if you’re going to add them; at least add character development and deeper rooted issue besides daddy problems and dyslexia (cough cough) Becoming Queen Bee. (Jk I love that story, the humor saves it from the tropes)
If you’re going to use the tropes, use them sparingly.
Don’t make your story line revolve around them.
High school petty romance/bad boy love interest is boring and tiresome

I would LOVE to see more stories from different perspectives.
I’m bored of the whole female pretty yet nerdy and misunderstood main character. It would be cool if stories had more male perspectives and interesting storylines.

That’s about it with my opinion, I could go more in depth but that would bombard the replies.


oh so like an Villian Protagionist?

I have read some of these Epsiode but the tend to be cliche.
The protagonist is usually a basic bad bitch mean girl.

The idea of a Villian Protagonist is pretty cool, but usually not well executed on Episode.


I guess there aren’t much ‘Evil MC’ stories because…people want others to know that evil is not good? Maybe, maybe not.
I once came across this story on Wattpad (I forgot its name, screw me :laughing:) which showed that the MC, whose POV was throughout the story, was homophobic. She absolutely detested the the idea of ‘same-gender-love’ and, I think, she found out that her husband was cheating on her with some other guy. She started hating her husband and his lover. She also developed certain anger-issues that even triggered her to frequently hit her son. She was also shown to be a self-centred bish who only cared for (you know the drill) herself. In the middle of the story, she took the ‘monstrous’ step and decided to kill the poor husband and his lover. But the plan backfired on her when in the climax scene, his lover snatched her fallen gun from the floor and instead, shot her. It was revealed that her husband hadn’t actually cheated on her, but was waiting to tell her the news. Then in the end, all that legal stuff went out - husband getting custody of son, wife claimed to be deranged, wife being in jail, the lovey-dovey couple having their happily ever after. This was the ending.
In the author’s note, it was written that she wrote the story because this really happened in reality. She wanted to tell that homo-people have their own voice and identity and should be respected as such. This incident happened in her neighbourhood, though she made just some sort of spin-off, not copy the whole incident.
So, some authors also use bad characters to aware people what’s right and what’s wrong in the world. Its not only the ‘Good MCs’ that spread goodness, we learn something from ‘Bad MCs’ too.


I’m going to write a story- in the process of writing it actually- in the perspective of the “antagonist”.
I’ll explain. Ok, so you know how in those modern Cinderella movies there’s always this mean popular girl whose dating- or wants to date the “Prince”- but Cinderella gets him anyway. Yeah, I switched it around so it’s just about perspective. I’ll ALSO show the perspective of the “Cinderella” too.


Hmm, it’d be interesting tho if a story kept switching views from the girl- to the guy, and they aren’t love interests at all but are eventually involved in each other’s lives


Bella from dirty sexy teenagers. She is rich, mean, arrogant, unapologetic, honest, spends her dad’s money, overdramatic & dislikes uncivilized people.



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