Ever Seen Someone Playing Episode?

Have you ever seen someone in public playing Episode? I have, but only once. I was in a waiting room and I glanced at this girl’s phone who had her back to me. She was playing some sort of INK story on Episode, and honestly, I nearly screamed. It was really cool to actually see someone other than myself playing it.


Yes, I have once, I still remember the day quite well.
I was at a bus stop and a saw a girl playing episodes,
I went up to her and was like “Hey I play episodes too!!”

When we got on the bus, we sat next to each other and had a lovely chat about all our favourite episode stories, writers, characters, and what stories we would like to create.

We gave our contact info to each other so we could stay in contact, and it turns out she lives one street over from me !! Ever since then we have become best friends, all thanks to episodes (:


That’s awesome. ^^

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i use too, but now it’s kinda lame around school to play Episode. usually my friends get addicted to it & quit after a couple weeks.


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When you realize that your uncle and your dad are Episode Buddies -


me and my best friend are the only ones obsessed with it, lol.

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Ah yes! I saw someone reading a cliche story, and i wanted to cry.


I wish! That would be so cool. The only people I’ve actually read my story to are my family and one of my best friends.


I don’t think I have… :thinking:

I was talking in a episode discord, and a girl i know came up to me and said she played too,

So almost similar.

I have lol it was a teenager and I was on a public bus, I also nearly screamed lol, made me feel old playing it tho lol


yeah but only ironically, the only way my friends know about episode is through the really shitty ads they put on tumblr. (like this and this)
those ads are actually why i started playing, i thought they were the funniest things i’ve ever seen so all of my friends downloaded the app and tried to find the worst story ever, we ended up reading the pregnant mexican, which got deleted off of episode a while ago for TOS violations rip never forget
anyway i thought it would be ironic if somebody actually tried to write a deep and meaningful story on a janky little kids app like episode, so that’s why i started writing stories.


That’s pretty much why I started writing here too. Lmao.

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haha oh man really? that’s great honestly, i thought i’d never hear someone else say that. i don’t want to stray off topic but i’d really like to hear about your stories!


I could tell you about them and my imaging for them so far. I haven’t published anything yet, but I’m working on it. If you want, you can PM me about it.

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I started playing Episode after I came to Japan, so I have nothing to contribute to this topic since obviously no one here plays it…
But I do need to say that that ad with the comment about Adam and Satan eyebanging each other has me in stitches :joy:


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