ORP : Could Jonathan approach Ryan and they go to the cafe where Skyler is?


ORP: Sure.


Johnathan’s POV
He texts Ryan:

Lets go to the Café, I feel kinda hungry and I don’t have anything to eat

Johnathan sighs, and rides his skateboard to Ryan’s house. He knocks. “Hey, did you get my text?” He’d ask. “Lets go to the Café.” He spoke.




Ryan was taking a nap when he received a text from Jonathan. Feeling excited, he jumped out of his bed and read the message where Jonathan’s asking him to go to the Cafe. He suddenly heard his hungry stomach grumbling. He texted him back to let him know that he’s up for it.

cool, im starving

after almost an hour, he heard someone knocking the door. He rushed downstairs and opened it to reveal Jonathan standing there waiting for him. “Aye you’re here, wanna come in first? I gotta change.” He spoke.



“Sure.” He nodded. He walked in, and sat on the couch. He crossed his arms while sitting.
I hope no one starts flirting at me at the cafe like last time. He’d grab his phone, checking his insta, and snap. He saw this girl named “Skyler.” And “Heather.” They looked nice, and they are in my school!

Don’t I dare start a relationship with some girl.
He texted Heather, and Skyler on Snapchat. Then it turns it off. He sighed.