Hey guys so recently I’ve starting to do role play and so far I love it!:blush: So I decided to make my own. Please be aware that this is my first time making one so I might do some mistakes. So with that aside let’s get to it​:grin:


Main girl- @Forever1201 (Me)
Name that she will use-Kat

Name that he/she will use-Clair

Lover (Boy)-@Madilnel
Name that he will use-Parker

Best friends (all taken)- @ChayChay (girl) @Mimi0829(girl), @KBaldi93 (girl)
Name that she will use-Isabella (@ChayChay)
Name that she will use-Kalani (@Mimi0829)
Name that she will use- Kayla (@KBaldi93 )

Mean popular girl- @Coolepisodes
Name that she will use- Heather

Popular boy- @YassineCool
Name he will use- Yassine

Best friend’s boyfriends or girlfriends (All taken)- @Coolepisodes (boy), @ChayChay (boy), (@Coolepisodes) (girl)
Name that he will use- Elijah ( @Coolepisodes)
Name that he will use- Jessica (@Coolepisodes
Name that he/she will use- Brian (@ChayChay)

Other people who wants to join- @Epi.Sympatics (girl), @Sophbee (girl), @Coolepisodes (boy), @Epi.Sympatics (boy), @Epi.Sympatics (girl) , @Sophbee (boy), @Ghostly_Episode (girl), @Ghostly_Episode (boy)

Name that she will use- Peaches (@Epi.Sympatics)

Name that she will use- Caroline (@Sophbee )

Name that he will use- Bryan (@Coolepisodes)

Name that he will use- August (@Epi.Sympatics)

Name that she will use- Marie (@Epi.Sympatics)

Name that he will use- Ryan (@Sophbee)

Name that she will use- Skyler (@Ghostly_Episode)

Name that he will use- Jonathan (@Ghostly_Episode)

(will add more regular people if I have more people)-

So that’s basically all the characters I need. If u want to join this role play then comment below and add your face claim here and the name name of your character and I will accept u (If I don’t have too many of course)Once I get enough characters, I will pm everyone that is joined to start the role play!:blush: tag everyone who would like to join and also tag people who asks where they can find a role play! That’s all I have to say so please join :blush::grin:

I need a rp to join
Can I join any role plays?
Anyone have a new role play?
Role play help?

Reserving lover


Boy or girl?


I’ll be the girlfriend.
Name is Clair. She looks the same as she does in the other RP group.


For easy access, I’ll post the faceclaim here. This is Clair.
Do you mind if I write her as I usually do? She would be transgender. You know, born a guy. It’s how I envisioned the character.


Yhea that’s fine :blush:


Reserve for best fiend or mean popular girl please




What name will she use?


What name will he use?


Parker Riley


I’ll be bestfriend. Name is Kalani Baywatch




And it’s a girl?






I send the FC and last name in a little while




Role: Last best friend spot
Name: Kayla Henderson


Isabella Johnson


Everyone I need more people so please tag more people who would be interested in bieng in my rp :pray::blush:






(If u can please tag other people)