Everston Academy International Boarding School || Official RP


Alright welcome to Everston Academy school for naughty kids. To sign up, please pm me your name and details.


  1. Don’t use orp too much as it is a roleplay.
  2. Don’t go too far with relationships.
  3. Don’t disturb others who are roleplaying with others, just ask if anyone is approachable.
  4. Have fun!

School Rules (These are for the roleplay if you break any of the rules principals office XD)
Don’t shout out in class, raise your hand.
Do NOT talk during class.
No running down the hallway!
No things such as skate boards, bikes and scooters are allowed.
No toys are allowed in school such as slime, racing cars etc.
No spreading rumors about others!

School Competitions
Volley Ball

School Time Table (This will be updated everyday.)
English 8:00 - 8:56
Music 8:56 - 9:30
Play Time 9:30 - 9:50
PE 9:50 - 10:30
Maths 10:30 - 11:59
Dinner Time 12:00 - 1:00
Art 1:00 - 3:20
End of School

School Jobs
Reading Buddy
Litter Buster

Shuttle Runs
Stand outside principals office
Do arithmetic test

@natasha.episodex (Principal Episodex.)

@Secretz_lol (Mr Lol.)

@AS007 (Adaah Soni)


Principal Episodex

“Hmm, where is everybody?” I grab my suitcase and walk into the building. “Yes, the builders did a great job building this school!” I say bye to the builders and pay them 20k.


Principal Episodex

“Hmm, this office doesn’t look bad.” “I can work with this.” I sit down and start making an advert for the school.


“Wheres that new teacher?” I drink coffee.


“Hmmm…” I finish making the advert.


I look around in the school building feeling lost. I was so busy looking around that I didn’t see the door in front of me and I crashed straight into it. “Ouch! My poor, little nose…” After my self crying and criticism was over, I finally noticed the sign on the door. “Oops, The Principal, here I come…” I open the door to the Prinicipal’s Office.


Principal Episodex

“You must be the new student. You knock on my door otherwise detention. Now what do you want?” I cross my arms. “Don’t waste my time I have things to be doing.”


I opened my mouth to correct her grammatical mistake ,but decided against it. First of all, it was kinda rude and second of all, she looked cray-cray enough to go ballistics, take a baseball bat and go on a car-smashing rampage in an Orange frilly dress. Damn you and your Beyonce puns. My conscience needed to shut the hell up. I cleared my throat then spoke something which would’ve sent me straight to Hell, "I think it should be ‘things to be done’ and not ‘things to be doing’. Damn…there goes your chance at being normal for once and you screwed up. AGAIN. Well done. I widened my eyes and covered my mouth in shock and embarrassment. I’m screwed! I’m screwed! I’m screwed! I chanted in my mind like a mantra.


Principal Episodex

“Well anything to say or do you just want to waste my time if wasting my time is the case triple detention.”