Every time i try to continue writing my 2nd episode the website crashes but i can write on other episodes

Plz help

can you show me a screenshot?

Can you please provide a bit more detail regarding what you mean by crashes? Does your browser crash? Do you receive an error, if so what is it? Please include anything that might be helpful :slight_smile:

I’ll put a screen shot in the chat



Capture this what happens

Imo looks to be an issue with Chrome or a plugin. But best to submit a ticket with all of this info to our support team who can help you with this.


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I found a way to fix i think just now go into icognito mode and sign in and all that and it should work thats what i’ve been doing so far

Anyone still having issues with this? Used safari, got the spinning wheel of death. I switched to chrome; it worked for about a week. The incognito tab worked for a day.