Everyone please help me come up with ideas for my story and spotting and putting my character upside down and the follow command aka following my character. And getting it all in the correct order and not the wrong way. PLEASE HELP!

I need help. My story is about a women with mental health. Anxiety and depression. In her past she been threw so much. Shes traumatized and has nightmares all the time. Has a hard time trusting people. She thinks there are no good people. And that the worlds out to get her. In the story she will go threw things and stuff that will remind her of the past shes trying to move on from then she falls harder. And then she meets some nice people friends and a man who cares and tries to actually help her be happy and set her soul free and to be strong and they are doing wat they can to help her. The main goal is she was and is depressed. But our goal is her finding real genuine happiness and to find herself love herself. Take care of herself and fight for herself and respect herself. And to trust again to open her heart. To change anger into happiness and laughing. To turn hate into love and peace. To turn feeling like shes trapped to beautiful freedom. And to know she is amazing and deserves the best. And to actually move on. And not care what any body thinks and says cause its none of her buisiness. So she wont ever let anyone hurt her feelings or get to her no matter who they are and no matter what. And she turns into a survivor and true fighter cause she keeps going no matter what. She will never give up. She now will love her life amd be grateful for all the little things. And have her heart back thats been taken away. I need help on all of that I need alot of help. I dont know how to go about it. Shes a victim of an abusive relationship and her ex fiance is in jail. He wanted to end her life. And she been threw alot before and after that. I need alot of help on what to do how to go about it. And the title is Me Then Me Now And Who I Will Be. And I need help with spotting very correctly and if i can flip the character around and how I can do that and etc. And idk how to do choices its so hard for me. Tell me how to do choices and everything the right way and how to be good at it and have fun doing it. Please everyone. I need the help badly. PLEASE HELP ME AS MUCH AS YOU CAN I WANT THIS SO BAD WITH ALL MY SOUL AND HEART. How do I use the following command? How do I follow my characters and how do I keep them in the bed without them disappearing and also how just howw do I flip turn my character around and put them upside down walking on a wall then after I put them backwards or upside down how do I put them back to normal again. I know its alot but PLEAZ HELP AND REPLY GOOD


that’s a long title LOL
So the story is about finding your self and being happy with the support of friends

I’ll have you know that even with an army of friends that have your back you still can feel trap in and hate the world. You really have to put an effort and I think that part was the hardest for me. Because its easy to give up.
some idea I have is her finding happiness on her own along the way. and maybe she falls for the first time be she has friends who can pick her up.

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I know. Its not really friends who matter. My family keeps me going and I will have them help me in the story too. My family will help. But I need to be ready to get well and hey We all want to be happy dont we? But how do we find real happiness and be strong. It can be all we been threw made us stronger then ever and we had enough so its time to love myself and be free and have peace within and not let others ever take that away no matter who they are and no matter what. And Therapy can help. My inspiration and motivation is also a band In This Moment by Maria Brink. She been threw alot and is a fighter and a survivor and she faces her fears and puts herself in situations that she was afraid of just to over come it all and no longer let it get to her she dont think about it she let go. She moved on and FINALLY.

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Very true

And I just wanted to tell you I have Phonological Dyslexia
so I hope I helped you out with what you were asking for And I also Hope there was no misunderstanding cause even Grammarly can screw me over

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