Everyone tag people for this

Confident, smartass, and sarcastic
Personality- Nice, Loyal, Smart, a very trustworthy person who is honest and always great advice.

Human, introvert, friendly, likes being alone

Name: Anna Clairis
Hair: Long Curly Hair Black
Face shape: Round
Eyebrows: Seductive Round
Eyes: Downturned/Almond Classic Blue
Nose: Pointed
Mouth: Full Round Terracotta
Skin: Tan/Honey

Mind if I use riley as a sort of best friend character?


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Mind if I use your vamp for the best friend in a later episode… So she has a character riley (Designed by silver_shadow) as her human bestie and then she meets leslie?

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Sure it’s your story! :blue_heart: Good luck btw and let me know when you publish it

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