Everyone Who Has Read The Episode Story: Adrenaline!


Same I had no idea who to choose.


Andre rubs me the wrong way and eric is in the friend zone. Andre really bothers me. I guess I can be neutral towards him as a friend but he has some very alarming qualities about him that leave a bad taste in my mouth. Yes Andre is the “good looking gang leader” but theres more to a person than just their looks. I didn’t pick nick because he was hot. I picked him because he was the most real through out all of this. With Andre it just feels like a ‘predetermined love interest’ where we MUST be with him just because thats what the author wants. Like she even made an anagram of their names and named Liane “liane” just so she could mash it up with andres name. To me, that’s not how it works. I’m not going to like a love interest just because the author decided we are supposed to like him. No. I have to have actual reasons for liking him. Andre is such an unrealistic prince charming cassanova character. We get that he loves liane for some reason but i never understood WHY. With Nick however i understood his thought processes and his personality seemed the most real to me. Andre always just does but we never get the why behind it and its very cut and paste with him and liane. Also i don’t like how their relationship is shown to be mostly physical. If you look back at all their “moments” most of them include making out. Furthermore, Andre is a CHEATER. I don’t think cheating should be romanticized and it’s not hot and sexy to me. He cheated on his longterm girlfriend twice. Am i supposed to find this hot? Alluring? Romantic? No, well i find it DISGUSTING. I find this to be a huge red flag in a person. Also if Andre REALLY loved Liane like he proclaimed to do so, so boldly, he would have NEVER made out with Victoria when they were in jail. You don’t make out with your ex girlfriend if you’re in love with someone else. I found that scene nasty and it really showed how ingenious Andre is. Think about it this way: if someone proclaimed their love for you and then made out with their ex girlfriend would you believe it to be true? I’m sorry, I’m not a fool and there’s no way I’m buying that type of love. With Nick we understood his thought processes. Nick took his time in developing feelings for Liane, but those feelings also came off to be the most deep, emotional, and REAL. So i don’t give a damn that andre is the gang leader I picked Nick because he was the best option BY FAR and guys like Nick are often looked over in this community for guys like andre and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of back and forth sleazy love interests under the guise of a bad boy. No I want a real guy who is genuine, sweet, and real over a cliche any fucking day.


Dang wrote an entire Novel, it ain’t that serious chill :joy::joy::joy: (I’m playing around btw)


Curious, did anyone like Nova? I initially had sex with Nick, but he said something that rubbed me the wrong way. Something around the sex just being sex and he was still distant. I thought, “this guy is going to be ridiculously hard to get close to”. So when it came time to choose the love interested I switched to Nova. She was sweet, always there for Liane. She was always there to support Liane and I found that endearing. I’m assuming if I had chosen Nick as the love interest he would have been the same way.

I also had sex with Andre but switched back to Victoria, so needless to say I was all over the map and had a hard time making this choice.

Ended up choosing Eric because I still was holding on to what I thought of him after the season 1, even though he’s kinda turned into a baby.