Everything is tiny after the update on my Android Tablet



Glitch or new update?
Glitch: Episode Ecran
App alignment off
Help! Screen Issue

@Chida lol I am using an Android phone and it has done the opposite of this issue. It has made everything larger, and it doesn’t look very appealing, in my opinion.


Mine is the opposite-everything is so BIG minus my bio which is really small !


Everything is very tiny in episode in my mini iPad!! Weird!! I want episode go back to be bigger again!!


:joy::joy: i prefer something in between


Lmao😂 The previous size was perfect


Yesss its the same on Android :sob::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe the big one was ment for tablets and the small one for phones?


I’m having the same problem! The entire episode app is zoomed in all the way and it’s SO annoying!


It really is, but i think it’s a mistake now :stuck_out_tongue:


@Lemniscate @JemU776

I’m so glad I’m not alone! Everything is HUGE in my app after the update. I have an iPhone :confounded: send a lot of support tickets guys!

Also, when I’m reading I can see all the icons on the top :unamused:( battery, wifi, time, etc.)


Does anyone know how to fix it?


I think we have to wait for a new update


I just filed a support ticket, so hopefully we’ll get some answers soon.


That’s the same with me


Mine is zoomed in too …


I’m using an iPad and I have the same problem. Everything is so small!


Im having the same issue on my samsung tablet!! :frowning: everything is tiny and the story only shows up at like 1/4 of the screen. not sure how to fix it


Yeah i agree lol. My android tablet font is so small


What about my phone? This is worse😢 I can’t even uptade my story or read a featured story without having problems with my ecran!

Why is this happening? (BUG)