Everytime I go on Episode the app crashes

Hello! Well, I wrote a ticket few weeks ago but the support team still didn’t give me a solution so… I’m gonna describe my problem and see if some of you have any idea of how I can fix this. The thing is, everytime I click on the app, it loads for like 3 seconds and then it closes! The strange thing is I don’t get a sign saying “episode-choose your story stopped working”. I turned off my phone, uninstalled the app and even reset my phone but the app still doesn’t work. Please help.

Ps: I have a theory, when I updated my phone to Android 7.0 (It’s a Samsung Galaxy J7 and I still can’t update it to Android 8.0) the app stopped working. I mean, it worked before I updated the phone so, I think this is why the app doesn’t load but I don’t know if I’m right.

Edit: Also, when I search the app in the Play Store, I see this icon but when I install it I see a different icon in my phone.

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Hey i have the same problem and i also sent a ticket and no response