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Story Name : Queen
Author : Steffi
Genre : Drama, Romance
Status : 3 episodes at the moment, more coming soon
Style : Limelight
Instagram : @steffi.episode
Description: All her life, Devina was raised learning the ways of being a proper lady of the nobility. But her life is suddenly disrupted when a royal advisor visits and reveals to her that she is the next monarch of Artesia. WIll she reign? Or will she renounce her claim to the throne? Will she choose love or duty? It’s all up to you!!

Link to my story below:

Hello! :smiley:

I literally just pressed published on my first Episode story! I’ve been a creative writer IRL for quite some time now and am addicted to reading Episode myself, so it only seemed natural that I try writing my own! (jeez! the coding took so long.)

Title: The Enforcer
Author: MidnightMira
Genre: Action/Drama
Episodes: 3, currently writing 4
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6091352907317248
Where to leave review: Please DM :slight_smile:

She was raised and trained to be the Empire’s best soldier. Her duty: to keep a nation of slaves in their place.
…What will happen she discovers that all is not as it seems?..

You review is done :wink:

You’re next! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
I will as honest as I can be!
I think tomorrow I will have enough time to look at every detail of your story!


aaaaaa i’m actually so excited! :joy:
im in the process of revamping and i really want to make it perfect
thank you so much!


Title: You & Me…
Episode Author: @BlueSnowflake09
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6357897196601344
Description: Alaska is a young girl that is kept in the dark about what her parents really do. Her 3 brothers help the parents while Alaska runs a fashion shop. She has a boyfriend that hurts her and when she realises she can’t deal with it she ends thing and she meets a man who works for her fathers and gets really close to him

Episodes: 4 nearly 5
Where should I leave a review? Don’t mind

I’m really glad you want a review here!
I think your story is really good, and anyone who likes thrillers should give a try and read it.


The first impression

I’m really glad you decided to change the cover! This one is pretty, but it doesn’t make me wanna read. The one you left here is so much better, for my taste.
The title is good. But, there is no need for you to add LL or CC in the title. Soon your cover will show it is written in LL style, so please delete it! Also, what’s the point with adding CC - if you really want to add it, do it in the description. The title is the title, and let leave it in this way.
The description is very good! Well done!


The intro is well done!
Also, all CC templates look good in the episode.

1st episode
I was looking for mistakes so hard, but there is not much I can tell.
You’re really good at coding. It is easy to see how many works u put in it.
Zooming, spotting, layers, all of them, are used well - there is nothing I can talk shitty.
Only correct the bubbles!

  • When she woke up in the bed with her “boyfriend”.
  • The conversation between MC and Lia.
  • And at the end of the episode, when the zoom was at two male characters.

2nd episode
Just like in the first episode! BUBBLES!
If you start spotting them, you have to do with all of them.

  • The conversation between Ash and MC

3rd episode
I haven’t found anything, even bubbles were placed well!

Smooth and nice to read. All conversations are natural. I was enjoying reading. But sometimes you forget about an apostrophe. That’s all that I found in it :stuck_out_tongue:


The plot is really interesting. It is a thriller story, for sure. Never doubt it.
You kept the balance between characters. All of them are different. And, at the same time, I don’t hate any of them. What is the most important… me, as a reader, like MC and her way of talking, so I was enjoying “being her”.

I like the idea of showing time. It just let me know how much hours passed after the doors were shut down.

You have to be sure I will keep reading. I’m extremely curious about what will happen in the end… Who planned it and why!? I hope the ending will surprise me. What I could do… just live you five stars!

Always remember about SPEECH BUBBLES!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaa i was genuinely so excited for this review! you got back to me in no time so i thank you so much for that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
i will FOR SURE be working on the speechbubbles, when i reread the story i saw the mistakes on them and it just about pissed me off so much :joy:
overall, i’m so glad that you enjoyed my story! and i am so grateful for you doing this review, and being honest! it means so much! thank you! :grin::two_hearts:


I forgot to add!
It is, also, great idea with riddles! :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem, I like doing reviwes! It is really great way to find amazing stories and yours is one of them right now!


I just finished reading your story and I have to say I’m impressed!


The first impression

I wasn’t impressed by seeing the cover, description, and title. I’m not saying it’s ugly! It is not, of course. But not good enough to make me want to read the story.


You are really good at coding. It was so hard for me to find any mistakes. Zooming, spotting, layers, overlays, bubbles… All of them were done well! I can see that you know how to do it and I’m surprised you had only 68 reads. Your direction skills deserve to be seen more.

I love the intro! Short and nice. Nice begin of reading!

But it won’t be me if I will not find anything to complain about!
I already said it in the previews reviews. But try to spot the narrator bubbles in the place where it won’t end up on a face during zooming.


Your writing skills are as good as coding! I was really enjoying reading. And again, why you have only 68 reads? But, for me, it is not a romance story. I think you should change the genre. It looks more like action, drama. Maybe it will give you more loyal readers. For sure, I will keep reading it. Don’t stop writing.

Also, the male MC is something rare in the episode world, and it is the next thing I really like! Something different.

The last thing, I was about to complain about one thing. He left a gang. So, why he’s still alive? But, you said it in the 3 rd episode. And, it made me change my mind to not complain.

Overall, the story is really, really great!

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Thanks, this was very encouraging as well as helpful, I deeply appreciate it! I’ll look into the speech bubble stuff, but how do you think I can make the description more compelling without revealing too much (in your opinion)?

The description is always so hard to write.
Maybe instead of “dream job back” you should say “old life back”.

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Thank you!

Title: Teacher or Queen?
Author: Mystique (Instagram: mystique_episode)
Genre: drama
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 17
Description: Queen Darja spent 20 years searching for her long lost family. Is it in her destiny to suffer without her love and her child? Who will she become while fighting for her loved ones?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5874052041146368
I would love to get a review by DM.

@mystique_writer I already read your story! Check out the messages :wink:

it is the second time you asked me about reading your story when I already did it.

As long as you haven’t told me where I should leave a review, it will be here!


So, I think it is really a great idea to let the reader choose MC! It happens not often MC is male.

The intro is a bit too long for my taste, as long as there is no action on it you should just speed it up, and change the background. This one doesn’t suit to wild animals.

Talking with boss
It is a nice scene, but when you zoomed… bubbles covered MC’s face! Spot it!
And it is so true what people want to read about… Who the hell wants to read about serious stuff, when there is no drama in it, right? :wink:
Also, I think it is a good begin for the story. I learned enough information about the character I will play.

Have you thought about letting MC walk during thinking when she was going back home? I think it will look better.

When you are changing the point of view during a conversation between MC and a lover, you let both characters be rear. You should fix it, for sure. It always took time before they face in the right direction. Also, tails! Spot them.

I don’t get why you let them sleep in their clothes. It is weird. Also, in the same scene (I chose female MC and male love!), MC’s friend was standing in the left side, when the zoom was off. I think you should put her in a different zone to not let something like that happen again.

And again, bubbles!

You should think about spotting characters again. Some of them look unnaturally big.

So far, I can’t tell you more.
I rather read it when it is finished.
And then, I will able to say more about the plot.

Thanks so much Eve. :heart: Yes like I said befor so have not proofread yet for any errors since I’m still working on the first episode. Speech bubbles will be a little hard since I have to spot all of them, it’s kills me. :joy:

I know the pain. :sweat:
But when u spot one bubble, you have to keep spotting all of them.
It always is easier to read when the tail is in the correct position.

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Especially with 4 branches each 1000 lines. :tired_face::sob::weary: THE STRUGGLES!