Examples of mini games?

I am writing a story and I want to include some mini games. The problem is is that I don’t know what mini games to put. One of the characters is a private investigator, investigating how edited pictures that shows someone cheating got out to the media. I want to put mini games where the player has to find clues. But I don’t know what kind of mini games to put in my story. What are good examples of mini games? What are good mini game examples for mystery/detective stories? Thanks!


You could make one that has the PI use Photoshop to recreate the forged picture? That way they could tell whether or not the picture could be created through any public photos or if the person took photos privately. It kinda depends on how the PI is investigating/what fits in the storyline…


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  • “Search the room”
    The reader has to pan around the room and tap on objects to see what they are

  • Puzzle
    There’s a picture with a few missing pieces. The reader has to click on the right ones in the correct order to complete the picture.

  • Quiz/Riddle
    This is the simplest one. You’ll use timed choices with point system.


For my story, I tend to do quizzes as a mini-game, the first one was for an interview. In one of my later episodes, I’ll also do an interrogation with timed choices.

You could also do puzzles or riddles!