Excellent Stories

Have you ever encountered or read a story which includes some or all of the following features:
*Impactful choices¨
*Limelight Episode Characters
*Fantasy, Adventure or Action as the main genre
*Outstanding directing, or well-directed stories in general
*Dialogue that refrains from being dull or awkward
*Medium-lengthy chapters
You may add your own stories as suggestions, but please do not get it moved to Promote your Story. Otherwise, have a nice day.

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The Wall by J Miley fits your criteria (adventure)

Or (self promo) you could try Agent Cinderella by @Mavis and I (action)


I have read both, thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I love your stories. Do you know of any other stories?

Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to check it out momentarily.

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I recomend to try stories in by your preferend gender which won some contest, all have usually oustanding directing.

I think my story actually also migh please you I just don’t know what is for you “medium-lenght” chapter - mine are around 15-18 minutes of reading time. :smiley:
If you are interested the name of the story is Secret of the Necklace.

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Okay! Thank you.

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Try Welcome to the Amazon forest by XxAlphaBetaxX


I have read some good ones but don’t remember them

I wanted to recommend my story Wanderlust Academy, but it’s in ink. :see_no_evil: It does have everything else imo. :see_no_evil:

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