Exchange Student realities - Share yours here!

Please let me know - What’s to like being an exchange student? I am mainly interested in America → England and vice versa (England → America) but am open to everything! Share your realities and give me some facts!


Please give me your experiences and any help and tips that would be useful to use in my story! Thanks!

Hey, I’m from South Africa and I shadowed at my friend’s High-School in NY a few years ago.

I shadowed about 2 or 3 times whenever I would travel to the US.

I could give you my personal experience? :llama: :blob_hearts:


I have no experience, but I studied with a girl from Derby. I did not see that she had any problems in her studies or communication with other students. I know that she used to check grammar and punctuation because her previous college had slightly different rules. The only thing that could interfere with her was the British accent, which is not always clear.


Some of them are actually fake. But some really work. And no wonder, because we have millions of students who study and work in parallel. I think they basically make up the audience for BestEssay. By the way, everything is pretty good there.


That would be amazing, thanks! You can PM me or share on the thread, I dont mind :smiley:

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