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So I’m planning to go on a exchange to the USA when I’m the correct age to start the process. Has any here been on an exchange? What’s it like, share your experience, thoughts, and advice!


Hahah, I applied for the exchange program in school but was rejected. Probably for the best because I’m a horrible flyer. I get the chance to study abroad in my uni at the 3rd year, so hopefully I’ll get to go then when I’m a bit older and wiser :blush:


I going to Italy as an exchange student in a month :heart: i don’t know if that helps lol

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I was an exchange student in the USA. I was 17, so I was going to an American high school there. It was a year-long exchange program. And It was the best times of my life.
If you have any questions just let me know :slight_smile:
You can dm me here or on my insta (@luna_marie_rose_episode) if you would like to.


That’s cool. I had the opportunity to go to England and Wales to study one time. Part of some Eisenhower program for being like a good student or whatever, I wasn’t in high school yet, which I found strange but whatever. Anyways, I declined it because I was like…I’m not leaving my home…LOLOLOLOLOL - some people think I’m insane when I tell them that. X’DDDDDDD

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I’m going to German this year for an exchange! (Hopefully twice, definitely once.)

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I wasn’t an “exchange student” per se, but I lived and worked in America for 6 months.
Can I ask where you’re from? Because I’m from Australia and noticed a lot of cultural differences!

For example, Americans didn’t really understand my humour or slang but they loved my accent. I also had to wrap my head around stuff like fahrenheit, pounds, miles, etc. Tipping, and knowing the correct amount to tip was also a difficult thing to learn. Also, in some US states they don’t include tax, so when you buy something the price will be different to what it says on the shelf.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time living in the states. If there’s anything specific you’d like to ask me, feel free!

I’m from New Zealand!

Awesome! In that case our experiences will be similar! Definitely let me know if you have any specific questions!

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