Exchange student


So I’m planning to go on a exchange to the USA when I’m the correct age to start the process. Has any here been on an exchange? What’s it like, share your experience, thoughts, and advice!



Hahah, I applied for the exchange program in school but was rejected. Probably for the best because I’m a horrible flyer. I get the chance to study abroad in my uni at the 3rd year, so hopefully I’ll get to go then when I’m a bit older and wiser :blush:



I going to Italy as an exchange student in a month :heart: i don’t know if that helps lol

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I was an exchange student in the USA. I was 17, so I was going to an American high school there. It was a year-long exchange program. And It was the best times of my life.
If you have any questions just let me know :slight_smile:
You can dm me here or on my insta (@luna_marie_rose_episode) if you would like to.



That’s cool. I had the opportunity to go to England and Wales to study one time. Part of some Eisenhower program for being like a good student or whatever, I wasn’t in high school yet, which I found strange but whatever. Anyways, I declined it because I was like…I’m not leaving my home…LOLOLOLOLOL - some people think I’m insane when I tell them that. X’DDDDDDD

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