Exclusive outfits?

So I was reading a story and noticed some never seen before outfits.
It wasn’t a featured outfit and belonged to a story by a normal creator.
They weren’t overlays.
I’m fact, the author said they were made for her?

Here’s an example.
How does this work?
Do you pay for these?
I’m so confused.


She probably works with the episode team because I see some authors who write for episode and get new clothing even when it’s not a featured story.


Was that image from Instant Princess? If so I can confirm (by stalking her instagram) that she originally wrote the story for episode, but for some reason episode didn’t want the story anymore.


Its probally a overlay

Instant Princess was originally supposed to be a featured story (it may even have been featured for a short period of time, I can’t remember) so LB worked with the Episode team to design and create these outfits.