Exclusive Story Artist Position Offered!

Hi! I’m used to just taking requests, but I think being a story’s artists is more interesting and I’m starting to do that, so I wanted to offer it!

Pitch your stories below (Ideally unpublished, but I don’t mind working on already published stories) or in a dm!

My examples


You can see more on my Instagram.

I keep the right to refuse any request. I will not do it for everyone, of course. I will pick the stories I like best. Also, just because I thought I’d leave it here, I leave my watermark on every drawing I make, but I have no problem taking it off IF you credit me in your story (you can do so on insta too, but I absolutely want the credit to be in your story) and if you don’t I will know because I always read the stories of which I’m the artist.


I really didn’t want to penalize you, so I changed it, check the new info above @Cookies1 @epy.edits


Deadass your art is soo good! Too bad I don’t have insta cos I have STRICT ASS parents. But anyway, I just wanted to say your art is the BOMB DOT COM


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Thank you, you’re so nice :blush:

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Omg! Your art is so good. I want to cry so bad right now, because I don’t have Instagram. :sob:

Hope I’m not to greedy by saying this but would you mind tagging me if you ever decide to take requests that don’t involve the Instagram? :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t mind at all! Can you ask me in a dm so I don’t forget (that way it’s easier for me)?