Exercise for getting fit

Can you please suggest me some effective exercises to get a flat belly and thin waist?

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I’d suggest searching up some exercises and doing some research on them to find out if they’re effective or not. Keep in mind that What you eat Also matters. One of the exercises I do atm is the plank, squats, glute bridge etc. Don’t forget to train your back aswell and your other muscles.

Some exercises might work for me But not for you. You can Also do leg hold, leg raises, crunches (My back and neck usually hurt After crunches and they’re not that good for your back so I wouldn’t exactly suggest them)
To avoid getting hurt if you don’t know How to do these exercises properly search it up or go to a proffessional trainer if you’re able to.

Well exercise is only half of the job. Healthy diet is also important, what we are supposed to eat, is 70% of what you eat should be greens. I would go light on fruits and have lean peice of protein.
But since almost no one follows this ^^^
Cut out or significantly decrease your sugar intake.

As I Also mentioned your diet plays a huge part in this. Don’t go on a too strict diet since it’ll do More harm than good and you’ll most likely fail. Eating greens, salmon, chicken, (unless you’re a vegetarian), cut down on the sugar if you haven’t already. If you like dark chocolate I’ve heard it’s actually good for you unless you eat too Much.
Don’t eat too Much At the same time or too little either.

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