Existing songs in my story

Hellooo. Are we allowed to mention existing songs in our stories? Example: Chandelier by Sia. El Dorado by EXO etc. and its lyrics?

I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to, I have seen many authors do it on a karaoke scene.
Also I love your taste.

Thank you so much! Are you an EXO-L? :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: Or a fan of Sia?

exo-l BABYY

OH MY MY MY DO YOU HAVE AN IG ACC :joy: Let’s talk about exo :joy:

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girl yess. I ain’t giving out my personal, so message me on crystalxlia hahah.

Yes. But, the minimum lyric line is five. Don’t go over.

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You are allowed to mention songs. They can sing upto 5 lines of lyrics but not more than that

Yes, it’s in the Episode guidelines. You can mention the song and only have characters sing up to 5 lines.

I have a scene where my characters sing 3 lines of Sunflower by Post Malone. :sunflower:

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