Exiting and entering size

When my characters walk off screen they get big and I want them to remain the same size. How do I fix this issue?

If you use spot directing you have to use spot directing also for entering and exiting.

To enter spot your character in the right size offscreen and than use command

@CHAR walks to spot # # # in zone # in #

and vice versa for exiting

Oh! So if I just have them offscreen they’ll look more natural coming onscreen ?

it depends on the perspective and if you want make feeling they come directly from dide… ifyesyou want them to come inthe same height as the spot they are walking to

so if you make him small you need him to enter smal so you will spot him ofscreen already small …and then walk him in

Just test it you will see what I mean.

Hey! This thread helped me to understand!

Edit: Her guide is simple and bold! :upside_down_face:

okay! thank you !

thank you!

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