Exosculation chooseee


From Exosculation who do like better Heaven or Leech and why?


Tbh, I got bored of it :joy:


Till what chapter did you arrive?


What lol?


Did you finish the story?
Sorry for my spelling lol


Ah lol, No worries! No…I mean I like the concept but the spot directing and everything just turned it down for me :joy:


At chapter 30 I think…, I got bored and thought to not read it anymore, but then I decided to play one more chapter and it started to get very interesting and I continued it.


:joy::joy: I found Heaven ugly. He just isn’t…idk


Tbh I find him ugly too , lol. And his personality… a mamma’s boy. When he is angry I think that he is joking. His appearance doesn’t suit his personality. :joy:


For reaaaaaal, his appearance looks…idk…good boy


Leech the other guy I find him more attractive, but he has serious problems. He enjoys hurting people.


Lool when I clicked on the cover, I thought the main guy would be the one with the black hair but no…He’s the one standing beside them :thinking:


I just thought that they were both love interests and fight for the MC.


Exactly, man Heaven needs to go. He ain’t good looking and so as MC


Definitely Heaven but I think he is dead :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah! :heart:


What do you mean? He’s dead… huh!!!


But I thought the author said we would get to choose :thinking: (I don’t know anymore). But IF he is indeed dead then I prefer Morrigan single


You don’t like Leech?


Not anymore. I’m more scared of him :disappointed: