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Like Once said, I can’t wait for this event to come back to bite all the traitors XDD

“Remember when you left me for dead during THE TEST”


I’m sorry it took me so long to reply! I’m on exams season and i haven’t been so focused in this… sorry, I’ll reply now


Lol it’s fine! dw about it!


Thanks :3


@Ella @FallenAngelNight13 I’m sorry it’s taken so long for the insectoid group to move. I’m going to wait for @Kate_Potter and @_Nasia to reply though.


What was the last reply one of them sent?


And then I replied with this:

Oh and then Fallen and Ella replied:


Seeing as most groups are close to finishing.

Next round groups are the following:
Group 1
Once - Amaryllis Isley
Cam - Evelyn Nygma
Hail the Stxrs - Saturn Gast
ScarletSwanHunter - Cátia Colbert
Group 2
QueenChid - Gabriel Rydinger
FallenAngelNight13 - 84-39B “Kirby ” Xavier
Chocolate_Mama - Aida Cage
Cam - Oyarsa J’onzz
Group 3
Sae - Aya Kaplan-Altman
FallenAngelNight13 - Leland Jr. Monetti
QueenChid - Kam-El “Kalmin” Danvers
Cam - Sephtis
Group 4
Wingsoffire - Catrina Savage
ScarletSwanHunter - Cesaria de Ablo
Mage158 - Adelaide Eisenhardt
FallenAngelNight13 - Kass Wilson

Please tell us if you’d be able to be active enough for it to go faster this time-


@Once @Hail_the_Stxrs @ScarletSwanHunter @QueenChid @FallenAngelNight13 @Chocolate_Mama @Wingsoffire @mage158




I’ll try to be active (and type + post Amaryllis’ response this weekend) but I have homework assignments so I might go on-off on-off?


Not as much as usual because birthday things but I’ll try


Don’t worry, probably only one group will begin today

Enjoy your birthday :3




and then there’s Seth who’s just like

“rip random dude but hey i get to live so uh cool”


Sorry again for the inactivity, guys
My health has been messy lately so I haven’t been able to relax and sit down to write properly


Don’t worry, it’s more important to look after yourself!




@Cam @Vanille, are the characters I made still available or are they taken?


@kitty4322, @ScarletSwanHunter, @FallenAngelNight13, since our characters are in the same room, do any of you want to approach Alek?

I feel like I’ve tagged the wrong people :woman_shrugging:


Kalland’r can talk to him. What is he doing? She’s sitting down.