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It’s okay, that happens all the time. And thank you.


I had a sleepover so it threw things off for the last couple days. Thanks for understanding.


I am going to wait for Cam for the Kirby / Gabriel / Aida group bc I don’t know what else to post to stall for more time

@Cam , @QueenChid , @Chocolate_Mama


Hey, @mage158, I noticed that you have just started a new conversation between Serena and Madeleine (@LittleElf) . I mean, it’s fine because it’s been a month since anyone talked in Serena and Cassimir (@kitty4322), but you might want to mention leaving your previous conversation in your new post. Just for the sake of continuity.


Hey @SilverStar and @Littlefeets, I was going to reply Mateo (@FallenAngelNight13) as Robokid/Miles, but was wondering if you two wanted to reply first?!


I was the last one to reply


OMG! So sorry. I think it’s time to start reading again, rather than just skimming through posts.

I guess we should still wait for @SilverStar though?


Yeah we should probably wait for silverstar to reply. And it’s fine, you must’ve just missed it


Also, @Coolepisodes, I just spotted that you posted that your character is approachable.

I posted six days ago that I had an approachable character in the waiting room and tagged everyone with approachable characters in there (including you).

Or if you want to talk to my character, there are plenty of other characters on the approachable list! :wink:


Thank you! sips apple juice


I will be replying to everyone in a couple hours