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Alright, thank you
I’ll miss you


I’m not sure how you’ll miss me bc I literally only posted twice :sweat_smile:

You too tho


Let’s just say I had plans for your characters hehe :3


WAAAAAIT TELL ME body unclear


Yes! Still am!


I’m still interested!


yES I’m still interested!


you already know I’m up and ready for this to start back up again!


I’m interested and I been really inactive in this rp, so if my characters are still there I would like to stay and I will post more…


I’m still very, very, interested in this RP. :3


Yep, still interested ^^


Okay so, I’m gonna get this started today (sorry for the delay, life got in the way)
Would you guys prefer:

  • To pick up right where we left off
  • To pick up finishing the stage they were at
  • To pick up after the current tests
  • To pick up after every test

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And for the characters not in the test:

  • To continue current conversations
  • To start new ones

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@Chocolate_Mama @CrazyCaliope @Ella @_Nasia @mage158 @Drama_Queer @Littlefeets @FallenAngelNight13 @ScarletSwanHunter @Coolepisodes @QueenChid @TheBluGeek @Tellyg47 @epi.alyssaa @LittleElf @SillyCupcake22233


Can we find out which characters are still in this first? Only 'cause some weren’t active…


I actually got the list for that haha, here you go:

RPer Name
_Nasia Bella Peterson
Cam Lieber Kaplan-Altman
Cam Esdras
Cam Oyarsa J’onzz
Cam Christopher Edward Stark
Cam Valen Lokison
Cam Sephtis
Cam Evelyn Nygma
Chocolate_Mama Aida Cage
Coolepisodes Titania Khan
CrazyCaliope Mammon Morningstar
CrazyCaliope Jackson Jones
CrazyCaliope Robokid (Miles Arthur )Brady
CrazyCaliope Samuel “Sammy” Hancock
Drama_Queer Scarlett Jones
Drama_Queer Peyton Troy
Drama_Queer Abiona Okereke
Ella Cara Maximoff
Ella Nadine Bowen
epi.alyssaa Paige Alison Markov
epi.alyssaa EliannaPrince
FallenAngelNight13 Wilky Anel
FallenAngelNight13 84-39B “Kirby ” Xavier
FallenAngelNight13 Tanner Sinclair
FallenAngelNight13 Leland Jr. Monetti
FallenAngelNight13 Mateo Darkholme
FallenAngelNight13 Lavonne Thurman
FallenAngelNight13 Julio Zatara
FallenAngelNight13 Crispen Snart
FallenAngelNight13 Kass Wilson
FallenAngelNight13 Everett Howlet
LittelElf Madeleine Snow
Littlefeets Luna Johnson
Littlefeets Alice “Ace”
Mage158 Brandon “Bran” Sanchez
Mage158 Scott “Soph” Frost
Mage158 Serena Grey Summers
Mage158 Johnathan Kent
Mage158 Fleu’ren Grayson
Mage158 Adelaide Eisenhardt
QueenChid Gabriel Rydinger
QueenChid Adira Johnson
QueenChid Kam-El “Kalmin” Danvers
QueenChid Isadora Rydinger
ScarletSwanHunter Jessie Murdock
ScarletSwanHunter Erden Inwudu
ScarletSwanHunter Alec Lang
ScarletSwanHunter Theodore Swift
ScarletSwanHunter Akahoshi Takasuo Maecilius Aquilla
ScarletSwanHunter Cesaria de Ablo
ScarletSwanHunter Noelle Masters
ScarletSwanHunter Mira Arian Maximoff
ScarletSwanHunter Cátia Colbert
SillyCupcake22233 Xavier Parker
Tellyg47 Severa Thawne
Tellyg47 Mark Garrick
TheBluGeek Tristan “Thea” Althea Fury
TheBluGeek Eddison “Eddi” Henry West-Allen
TheBluGeek Aris
TheBluGeek Kieryn
TheBluGeek Laurel Taiana Queen
TheBluGeek Seth Morgan West
TheBluGeek Brooklyn “Brook” Peggy Rogers


Thank you, beautiful!
What happened to @HermanEpisode? @Littlefeets and I were in a conversation with him. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


That’s the same question I had… :thinking: :frowning:


I’m wondering the same tbh


The other thing I’m confused about is why everyone is saying “To pick up right up where we left off” BUT then “Start new convos”. How does that even work?! I mean, ya can’t pick straight up again and talk to different people. The continuity would be all out of whack. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What my characters was in the test…


Im still in~