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By: The AstroNérds (@Cam, @Luxinos and @Vanille)
Original idea by: @ChloeDraws

There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time.

H. G. Wells, The Time Machine

If you were to look for the city of Akíndynos, you would not find it, for it’s not in this world, or any world for that matter. Akíndynos is its own world, a pocket universe, hidden in a fixed spot that could be accessible from any other universe, but only by those who know its secret. Why is the city hidden as it is? It’s to keep everyone else safe, both from what’s on the inside, and what’s waiting on the outside.

Heroes have always existed, and so have the villains they fight against. And one day, [name] thought to have cracked the code to stop the existence of heroes altogether. But their quest to eliminate all heroes went too far, and their obsession lead to consequences that affected all universes. It hadn’t been long before all universes began collapsing on themselves, killing myriads of innocent people. While the heroes could only watch the chaos that was caused merely by their existence.

That was when Franklyn Richards decided to intervene, if the existence of heroes was going to be erased from all universes, then he had to create a universe in which they would be safe. Eliminating them from their original timelines to keep those safe of the destruction their existence meant.

Once Akíndynos was created, he worked together with heroes such as Doctor Strange and The Demiurge, as well as Doctor Manhattan and many others to travel through time and space, and extract every hero (as well as their families) from their original world to take them to this new utopia. However, the heroes refused to leave their worlds without the ones who put it at risk, they couldn’t leave their home worlds without their protection. And for that reason, villains were also taken to this new city, and some of them managed to sneak their families into the pocket universe with them.

Soon enough, Akíndynos was thriving. And while the other universes mourned the loss of their heroes, they could now begin rebuilding their worlds without the villains, and without the threat of having their universes collapse onto themselves. It is rumoured that whenever a big threat arises outside of Akíndynos, the heroes go back to their home worlds to defend them, but they disappear soon after that.

Meanwhile, in the pocket universe, heroes were able to build their lives, their families. And to live without worrying about what seemed to be waiting for them right outside the bubble. To ensure the proper education of their children, the Exousía School for Exceptional Teens was created, and all children of both heroes and villains are meant to study at the newly created academy. There, everyone will learn to manage their abilities, and follow the heroes footsteps. But there is one more thing, something no one will tell the children, no matter how scared the adults are. There is something seeping into the pocket universe, and no one knows how to fight it yet.

With this new, unknown evil lurking, will the children manage to go through their education, while trying to deal with the problems of teenage life and finding themselves? Or is Akíndynos doomed to fail?

The only way to answer is to open the doors of Exousía to the children of the safe city.

The day had finally come, the day that would mark the beginning of the future, not only of the children, but of Akíndynos, and possibly the multiverse. Exousía was finally opening its doors to receive the children of all the inhabitants of the Safe City, and the outcome of this year would determine the probability for everyone in the city to stay alive, and maybe return to their home universes. With this kind of weight over their shoulders, the school staff had strived to make everything perfect. They had the best personnel they could find to guide and train these kids, and they had made sure they would have everything they would need during their stay at campus.

Now, as they shared anxious smiles in hopes to reassure one another, they began taking their positions around the school campus, ready to do their best and to help this new generation of heroes become the best they could be. Their salvation.

Then they began coming inside, and the staff did their best to greet them. The first thing the students would see was the administrative building, and in front of it, a place for everyone to leave their stuff, which the teachers claimed would be taken to their rooms later that day.

Just as they began walking further into the campus, they would be guided towards a short, yet wide building, and in front of it, stood tall and proud, Queen Hippolyta, Princess Shuri, Natasha Romanov, and Mantis; all of them with inviting smiles and an aura of power and strength.

“Please come in,” Hippolyta would instruct them as she points to the door on her left. “Have a seat, the event will begin soon enough.”

Inside the building, the students could see rows upon rows of chairs, all of them facing towards what seemed to be a wall with multiple doors on it, but, as Hippolyta instructed, they could only wait until they could see what the school had in store for them.

Your characters are currently waiting in the room, patiently or impatiently. Most are confused and unaware of what is about to come but a select few understood Hippolyta perfectly. You may now begin writing your character’s intro post and interact with other characters until Sae and I announce the beginning of this event.

RP rules:

Be nice to your fellow RPers.

Your characters are not perfect, do not play them as if they were.

Swearing is okay, but do not overdo it. - This rule may vary if anyone shows discomfort with swearing.

Use either the sign up thread, the chat, the Discord chat, or ORP/OOC and the hide details or spoiler functions for comments that are not in character.

Do not take over the RP or deviate the plot too much. The creators have worked hard on a plot, if you want a subplot or something that may affect the plot to happen, PM any of the creators first. It’s up to them if it’s possible to have what you want or not.

Graphic sex and or violent scenes are not allowed. Try to use timeskips to avoid writing the details.

No Godmodding is allowed.

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You cannot control other characters without the owner’s permission.

If you break any of these, you will be given a strike. Bolded rules mean that, if you break any of them, Iit will be two strikes instead. If you get to three strikes, you’ll be suspended from the RP for a day and your characters will be ditched immediately. If you get to four strikes, you will get suspended for a day once again and have to give up a character to put them up for adoption.

RP recommendations:

Due to the amount of characters in this RP, it can be hard to get lost or to have waaay too many posts. In order to avoid an unpleasant experience for your fellow RPers:

  • Mention the place where each character is at

  • Write at least five or six short sentences each post.

Example Post:

Oyarsa || Meeting Room

After walking around and trying to memorise how all the halls at the school went I went back to one of the rooms I had first visited, the meet and greet area, that seemed to be a good place to make some friends. She found an empty seat at the couch and looked for someone who would catch her eye. A girl with blonde hair seemed to stand out, maybe she could help her to get acquainted to human beings. “Hello,” she said into her head, she was used to communicate telepathically.

School Rules:
  • Be honest and punctual with your work.
  • Respect others’ confidentiality and privacy.
  • Not knowing the school rules does not extent you from breaking them.
  • Follow the sanctions given by the school board.
  • Make responsible use of the services and resources the school offers.
  • If a students misses over the 20% of a course’s classes without a valid reason, they will fail that course.
  • If the student fails to show up to an examination, and do not have a valid excuse. The grade given will be 0.0.
  • A grade under 60% in a class implies failure of it. And the student will have to retake it.
  • Do not execute any act that violates other people’s humans rights.
  • Do not discriminate against your students
  • Do not threaten, intimidate, bully, coerce, relive, or slander any of your peers, nor any member of the school’s community
  • Do not attack anyone’s physical, psychological, or moral integrity, neither their lives or freedom.
  • Do not balk your peers’ processes.
  • Do not damage the school property, nor the property of its students.
  • Do not subtract the school’s property, nor the property of its members
  • Do not alter documents to make them induce wrong judgement.
  • Do not supplant others, nor let others supplant you.
  • Do not carry weapons around the school unless it’s under the vigilance of the weaponry professor.
  • Do not produce, consume, distribute, nor encourage the use os alcohol, cigarettes, or any other psychoactive substance.
  • Do not engage in sexual activities inside campus.
  • Do not act against the coexistence between the members of the school’s community.
  • Do not offer, give, nor obtain any remuneration for academic or institutional activities
  • Give back the School’s property, or anything found inside campus.
  • Do not present altered medical excuses as excuses for missing a class.

Staff and classes (in progress)
After School Activities: coming soon!


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Waiting Room:
◤ Slowing down the car to a stop, Tony Stark turned around in the driver’s seat to face Christopher, who had been uncharacteristically silent during the ride, filling it with a tense atmosphere. One that made Tony and Pepper feel like their son would blow up in anger if they even thought about uttering a word in his direction. But they had to speak up now.

“Chris,” Tony began as he turned off the music. “I know this is not what you meant when you said you wanted to continue your studies, but you can’t leave Akíndynos to go to Massachusetts.” He paused, expecting an answer from the boy, but he remained silent. “We have a long way to go before you can go to the MIT, but I know you can make it through this and show the world what us Starks are made of-”

“Dad,” Christopher spoke up, but he got shot down by his mother.

“This is the best for you, Chris, you need to grow as a person before you keep growing academically.” There was a warning tone in her voice. “This school will teach you what you need to learn, and you won’t be alone through that. You will surely keep yourself entertained.” She could hear her husband give a chuckle at her words.

“You’ve got this, kiddo,” Tony added as he twisted himself to ruffle the boy’s hair, to which he replied with a pained smile.

“I’ll be taking my leave,” he said as he opened the door of the car and slid off his seat.

“This is the best for all of us, right?” Tony asked Pepper, not taking his eyes off the boy.

“It is, he’s going down a bad path,” she replied, “and I don’t want him to have to be kidnapped by terrorists to change his ways,” he added, knowing they both know what she was implying.

“God, how did you put up with me through all those years?” Tony laughed before driving off, hoping his kid would not hate him for this.

Meanwhile Christopher was taking his time to get to the school. But as he heard his dad’s car take off, his scowl changed into a smile. It was time for him to show all of these people who was the best kid around. Yes, he may hate the fact that he was being forced to attend high school again, but if he was going to suffer through it, he was going to make the place his own, and he was going to rock it.

Turning his suit on, he felt the strange metal cover his body. His father had insisted on them building a suit for him together, and he wasn’t going to refuse a chance to have the most advanced technology to use, and to show off.

He quickly began flying and darted into the school, rolling his eyes at the people who instructed him on the way, but doing as he was told, nonetheless. When he finally got to the building, he slumped down on a chair at the back of the room and deactivated his suit.

“So, what is it gonna be?” He asked himself as he looked at everyone around him.◢
ORP: Approachable

Waiting Room:
Valen had taken his time hanging around the school, wanting to get to know the place he was going to be stuck at from the outside before signing up for this yearly torture. He had taken his time to try around different looks, unsure of how the Midgardians would react to him, before settling down with his natural Asgardian look. He wouldn’t have liked to give himself up so easily, and go as a Frost Giant, but he didn’t have any reasons to hide how he looked back in his father’s palace. It was technically his grandfather’s, but let’s not talk about that, it was not necessary for him to explain how Loki hadn’t really died, and how he had taken over Asgard without raising any suspicion. Nor how he had been raised around the palace hiding his true heritage.

He looked at the doors of the school once again, scowling at the fact that he had to go there to “keep an eye” on Thor’s daughter. The one thing that could risk his ascension to the throne of Asgard in the future. His father’s words resonated in his head once again, The throne of Asgard is rightfully yours, but you have to prove yourself before you are crowned King. You need to make sure that my brother’s Little Princess doesn’t take that away from you.

“I’m not going to let you down, father,” he whispered between his teeth, still staring at the school. Somewhere there was the one person who could make his life miserable, and he had to make sure that didn’t happen, not now. He knew he had to be worthy of the throne of Asgard, and having his father take care of Thor’s child wasn’t going to help him prove he was worthy. But people didn’t want a King that murdered a princess either. He had to make sure this job went perfectly. This could either make or break his entire plan for his life. And he still had thousands of years to live through.

Putting his chin up, he finally began walking towards the school, trying to take comfort in having Nissim following him around, occasionally giving side glances at those who seemed to get too close to him. He wasn’t ready, he wasn’t ready to see the place where worthless mortals would try to pretend being his equals. Nor to face Solfrid in his “true” form. But he had to do this, there was no other way.

There was something unsettling about the smiles of the school staff, and how they were always giving him instructions. If they only knew who I am, he complained inwardly. He was a prince, a prince of Asgard, he should not be receiving orders from these mortals. And yet, here he was, following the indicated path towards a small building, and entering the building as in an almost mechanical manner.

Inside, he quickly scanned the room, looking for Solfrid. It seemed miss Perfect was late, that was enough to put a small smile on his face. “I’m already one step ahead, my dear cousin,” he whispered as he chose a seat near the side, hoping no one would dare to talk to him. ◢
ORP: Approachable

Waiting room:
◤ “Deep breaths, Evelyn, deep breaths,” the girl tried to calm herself down as she sat in a park bench near the school. Normally, she would have been doing somersaults for being able to go into the school, but something about how definitive and real this was made her feel weak at the knees, and rendered her almost unable to walk, much less do any of her usual gymnastics tricks. Her heart was pounding in her chest, threatening to jump out of her ribcage, and if it weren’t for the fact that she hadn’t eaten in two days, she would have thrown up by now.

“Deep breaths,” she kept repeating to herself as she hugged her knees to her chest. Did she want this? She had wanted it, but that was when it was merely an idea. Now she wasn’t so sure. To be in the same school as the children of her father’s prison mates, and of the children of the people that had put her father in jail. To study with living reminders of what had happened with her father, and what she had been through to find the Safe City. “Deep breaths,” she kept saying. “Deep breaths. You’ve got this,” she tried to convince herself, but it didn’t seem to work.

Seeing as more students had started to come, and Evelyn had yet to calm down, she decided to take a different approach. Stumbling to a near tree, she used all of her strength to climb up the closest branch, where she hooked her knees and hung herself downwards, hoping that stretching her body while receiving more blood in her brain could help her somehow. A few minutes passed and while she was still anxious about this new school, she was also beginning to focus more on how her body reacted, and the familiar pain of stretching was making her feel more comfortable. Lifting herself up to sit on the branch, she continued to stretch more, to push herself to the limits, and to use the familiar pain to ground herself. Deep breaths.

She wasn’t sure how much time she had been there, but she was feeling better now. The anxious feeling was still there, but now she could ignore it, just as she did with any bad feelings she could ever have. She began making small jumps on the tips of her feet before finally feeling ready to go in.

The girl skipped happily into the school, choosing to focus on the things she could get out of it. She would finally have a chance to learn about all the people who had made her feel like she wasn’t so alone in the world, the people who showed her that the world was a very unfair place, and who had suffered because of this injustice just as she had. She had a chance to finally make justice for herself, so this unfairness would be afraid of her. Because she had seen its true face; because that’s what they had done with her, see her suffering and looked away. At least their suffering would be something fair.

Still skipping through the indicated pathway, she made her way to a dark and almost empty room, with the exception of a few chairs. “Well, this place could have used some more cheer,” she whispered as she made her way to the front rows, hoping whatever was going to come would begin quickly. ◢

Waiting Room:
◤ “Are you sure you want to go in like this?” J’onn asked Oyarsa once again as the younger martian rubbed her arm. Her human arm to be precise. J’onn had told her multiple times that she did not have to hide her true form there in Akíndynos, but her life had taught her better than that. She know fitting in was always better than standing out. Standing out could get you killed.

The girl gulped as she nodded, not looking at her guardian in shame. He had told her many times that she didn’t have to be ashamed or scared of how she looked like, but she couldn’t change her mindset so quickly, she had too many things to contradict J’onn, but she did not want to get into a fight with the other only living martian. “I’m sure, J’o- dad” she replied, examining her hands in front of her eyes. She knew she was not human, and she knew there was no point in pretending she was human. After all, from now on, everyone would know her as the daughter of the Martian Manhunter.

She may have had agreed to going to this school the very second he had proposed it to her, she really wanted to understand earthlings, but now the idea didn’t seem so good. Sure, she may have gotten to learn from the best earthlings, but it still didn’t feel right. Humans were interesting, from afar. Now that she was so close to a bunch of them, she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed.

“You will be fine, Oyarsa,” J’onn reassured her. Of course, she had forgotten to break the mind link they had been sharing for this conversation. He was able to hear all of her thoughts, and he could tell she was not feeling comfortable. “I know it’s hard to feel like you belong, but lots of these kids know the feeling of being an alien. Even if it’s not in the literal sense for most of them.”

Trying to organise her thoughts and feelings, Oyarsa looked up at the older martian. “Thanks, J’onn,” she finally managed to say. “I-I should get going though,” she continued, trying to avoid the awkward feelsy moment. Hovering towards the entrance of the school, she felt somewhat glad that the place was run by a friend of her guardian, maybe that would give it all a more familiar feeling.

Making her way through the crowds, she occasionally listened to some people’s thoughts, but didn’t stay listening to them for too long, not wanting to get overwhelmed by them, nor to let others know what she was doing as she moved through the signaled path.

Once inside, she looked for a seat in a corner, somewhere she could be left alone with her thoughts. ◢

Waiting Room:
◤ Instead of driving all the way there, the Kaplan-Altman family decided to take a walk through the city, their city to drop off Lieber and Aya at the school they would be attending to for the next few years. Any passerby could have seen them as the perfect family, the parents were proudly holding each other’s hand and smiling as they chatted about nothing in particular as they kept an eye for their children in front of them, while the youngest kid wore a bright smile and lead the way to the school. But Lieber seemed to break the picture perfect family, the boy was hunching as he walked, and a scowl adorned his face in a way that seemed not to fit with the others, and that’s because he didn’t think he could fit the family. Not after what he’d seen.

As they walked around the city, Lieber’s mind was running with the reasons he shouldn’t be there. He knew his family was being selfish, and even though what one of his fathers had helped create seemed like a perfect invention, and claimed that it was to keep everyone safe, he knew that was far from the truth. They were all living a lie, and no one really seemed to care about that, it was only him, his voice against all the others, against everyone claiming that Akíndynos was a good idea.

Lieber had been ignoring his parents’ chatting until they got to the entrance to the school. This was it, here he was going to say goodbye and finally free himself from keeping quiet about every little thing his parents did or said, anything that could even remotely remind him that they were on a pocket universe. He knew that the creators of Exousía had ulterior motives for this school, if they didn’t, they would have made it a normal school, not a school for exceptional teens, the boy scoffed at the thought, this was all so stupid . And the worst was that he was being treated like an idiot. He knew both of his parents knew the reasons for Exousía to exist, but neither of them, or any adult for that matter, would give him the reasons.

When they got to a stop, Lieber walked up to Aya and put a hand to her shoulder. “Why don’t you go ahead and save us some good seats for the first day activity, sweetie?” he asked with a soft smile, he didn’t want her to listen the conversation he was going to have with their parents. “Say your goodbyes to pops and dad, I’ll be with you in a second,” he added before giving her a kiss on the forehead. He watched her say goodbye to their parents, and saw how they took their time to chat before Teddy wrapped them in a hug. Even when he wasn’t hulked out, he was a big guy, and a part of Lieber’s chest ached when he saw that scene. There he was, going to ruin their perfect picture. Again.

Once the younger kid had left, he approached the adults, his scowl had come back to its place and he had shoved his hands into his pockets now. “I know you’re not going to tell me what’s going on. So I need you to know that, until I figure it out, I cannot approve of your actions,” his tone was dry, and his eyes were burning with rage. But the tension on his shoulders showed he intended to keep himself restrained. “I’m going to figure out what’s your deal with all of this, and I swear, if my sister gets hurt because of your plans, I won’t forgive you.” His eyes drifted down, he knew he wouldn’t be able to look at his parents’ faces during this conversation.

“Lieber, your father and I love you, very much,” Billy began, trying to reach for his son, but knowing he had put up his walls. “I know you don’t understand why we’re doing all of this, but it’s for the greater good. This is only a temporary situation, we’re trying to find the permanent solution,” he explained once again.

“Please,” Teddy interrupted. “We only want what’s best for our family.”

Lieber kept quiet, not wanting to repeat this argument, not in front of everyone at this new school.

It was a while before someone else spoke again, and that someone turned out to be the youngest one. “I’ll take care of Aya,” he promised as he turned around and walked towards the school. It was not the goodbye he would have wanted, but his family was not what he thought it was.

Walking through the marked path, Lieber could only think of his parents, of how quickly things had turned downwards, and how he resented the whole situation. But he had to remain strong on his position, that’s what he had been taught.

Looking around inside the room, Lieber tried to find his little sister, not wanting to break his promise with her, but it seemed complicated. ◢

Waiting Room:
◤ Still examining their physical form, Sephtis turned to look at their sibling, who was already covering themselves with human clothes the had managed to find. This form was strange, and Sephtis was not used to being tangible, much less look like a human being, but here they were now, and they knew that, no matter what they said, Esdras would not change their mind about it all, and Sephtis was now cursed with having to be by their sibling’s side, just to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

However, their thoughts got the best of them, And Septhis couldn’t help but ask, “Es, why are we doing this? It’s not like we need it, or like we would possibly fit in among all the mortals.”

To this, their sibling pouted, “please, Seph? It will be only for a year! Don’t you want to be with kids with powers like us? Don’t you want to get to know them better? I bet they’re so cool, man!” Esdras beamed, “Imagine all the things we could see and do to them.” Their eyes gleamed, and even though they hadn’t been in that form for long, it was enough for Sephtis to know that they were already planning something.

“We could have just waited for them to die, then their souls will belong to you, or to me, or to Death.” Sephtis’ head moved to the side with each of their last words. “Either way, you can get to know them after they are death, it’s not like you’re going to die too, or like they won’t come to us eventually. These people are not like you and I, we don’t belong here. We belong to the multiverse.”

A whine came from Esdras before they argued back. “Don’t worry, you know we don’t actually have to reap every soul, there are people to do that for us! And I don’t want to wait until they die, it takes them so long to die,” the complained, but their sibling shook their head, it wasn’t long enough for Sephtis, it was never long enough when it came to them.

“Still, you didn’t have to enroll us in his school, we could have just watched. You know? From the outside. Like we always do.”

“What’s the fun in that? Really, Seph, we have the chance to intervene in the universe for once, don’t you want to know how that goes?” Esdras said as they threw clothes to their sibling. “Now put this on, you don’t want to stand out because of your form, that could ruin some fun.”

Sighing at their sibling’s insistence, Sephtis began getting dressed as well. “Why do we even have to get these clothes? They cover all of our bodies, but we don’t even have real bodies.”

“Well, do you want everyone to know you are the embodiment of an abstract concept? I don’t know if they would take you seriously like that,” Esdras scoffed. “Plus, I know we can manifest ourselves as we want, but mum-”

“Death,” Sephtis interrupted.

Mistress Death, hasn’t taught us everything yet, and she said it would be dangerous if our bodies began changing or gave out that we don’t naturally have natural forms. What would people say if they just saw an skeleton walking around? Come on, cover up!”

Complying to their sibling’s pleas, Sephtis quickly got themselves covered, not wanting to have another argument like the one they had when they found out about Akíndynos. “Alright. Let’s get over with it.” After all, what was a year to an immortal? Definitely not that much.

Walking side by side into the school, the twins went straight to the meeting room, and while Sephtis was feeling quite awkward among all those people, Esdras seemed to be about to jump from excitement. Getting annoyed at their sibling, Sephtis finally spoke up again. “Hey, why don’t you go and look someone to talk to? You don’t really know how to conceal your excitement,” they said softly, it would be good to get them away, but it would also be fun to see their interactions.

“Alrighty, Seph, I’ll find someone super awesome! This is going to be a lot of fun.” And with that, they went away, leaving Sephtis alone with their thoughts.◢


FINALLY DONE! They are all approachable minus Chris

◤ Exousía School for Exceptional Teens || RP/SG || Discussion ◢

Berlioz Pryde // Waiting room

He sat, arms crossed and head down, in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs, along with so many other kids. He hadn’t quite bothered to try and memorize the layout, but from what he knew of the coming months, it could wait.
He tipped his head back with a sigh, his darkly rimmed eyes staring at the plain ceiling


Crowe Roth || Waiting Room

Crowe glanced around the room, unsure of exactly what was going on. He had a feeling in his stomach as if someone had thrown a bag of pop rocks and soda into it. He never liked being nervous, especially not when he knew he should be fine. His left hand migrated up to the back of his neck. Should I say something to someone? I don’t really think I know anyone here. He thought.
He spotted someone nearby and decided to try and speak to them. He offered them a wave and a quiet “hello.”

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Berlioz Pryde // Waiting room

At the quiet approach of someone and their timid greeting, he sat up, straightening out his shirt unconsciously. As he took in the unconfident manner of the person in from of him, he crossed his legs, patting the open seat next to him. “Hi,” he greeted, somewhat lamely. “I’m—Cheshire,” he glanced away, nerves getting the better of him, “You?”


Crowe Roth || Waiting room

He paused a moment before sitting down at the seat the stranger had patted. “Nice to meet you Cheshire. I’m Crowe.” He said with a small nod before glancing down at his lap a moment. He fiddled with his hands a little before looking back to him. “How are…You?” He asked. He wasn’t the best at making conversation, but he thought this was how they’re supposed to go.




bc I don't think all of the fcs are up yet, here is the boy you're rping with currently, herman! :>

Berlioz “Cheshire” Pryde

Son of Katherine Pryde; father unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Questioning pansexual
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Quiet and literal, his lonely childhood left him with a bleak outlook on life. He doesn’t feel strongly toward good or evil, and he does what he likes or what is instructed of him, having most of the attention he got in his childhood.come from the teachers at Xavier’s school. He introverted, and though most of his peers would accept him with open arms, he seeks validation from authority over most other things; even at detriment to himself, at times.
His less than preppy attire is just one of the many ways he rebels against his absent mother
Powers: Intangibility/phasing
Motto: “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”


Aida Cage//Waiting room

As she sat there looking around the room she quietly admired the students in the area. Not really sure what all that was going to be said in the little meeting. She shifted uncomfortably for a moment, feeling all her nerves build up with anticipation.

ORP: Approachable


Berlioz Pryde // Waiting room

He crossed and uncrossed his arms, still awkward in the new conversation. He glanced at the other out of the corner of his eye, “I’m—normal, I guess.” He gestured to the unremarkable scenery of the large room, “Bored. Uh—what about you then? Oh, wait,” he shuffled to face the other boy, his head still ducked as he extended a hand, “I’m, ah, Kitty Pryde’s son. Nice to meet you.” Hey, he even managed to keep the bitterness at the mention of his mother to a minimum.
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Crowe Roth || Waiting Room

Upon seeing Cheshire begin to extend his hand to him, he became unsure of what to do. He then took his hand and shook it. “I’m Raven, thanks for asking. I’m fine’s son.” He then furrowed his brow and shook his head. “That’s wrong. I’m fine, and my parent is Raven. Or Rachel Roth. Whichever you wanna call her.” I made that a lot more complicated than it needed to me. Darn it. He thought, feeling rather embarrassed.

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Harlow Wagner-Quill // Outside of school/Waiting room

“Yes, dad,” he groaned for what seemed like the hundredth time as his father, Kurt, asked him again if he was sure that he had all his equipment. “But if you aren’t prepared you’ll never go far!” He leaned his head somewhat comically against the side of the building, flushing at his father’s actions as he saw other kids filter into the school unperturbed. He started in, hearing his father call one last, “be safe!” as he practically jogged in, calling a quick, “Sure, dad!” over his shoulder.
Making his way to the waiting area, he dropped himself into a seat at random, dropping his bag and turning toward his very newly-dubbed conversation buddy in the seat next to him. “Hi! I’m Harlow,” he greeted, unbothered by any kind of social proprietary. He extended a hand, “You?”


Aida Cage
She jumped a little out her thoughts as she looked at the dude’s hand. She’s not one to be startled so she took a deep breath to gain her confidence. She took his hand firmly and smirked.” Hello Harlow, I’m Aida great to meet you.”



Berlioz Pryde // Waiting room

He felt an unexpected grin tug at the edges of his mouth, but he batted it back into a neutral expression. “Raven, huh. That’s—that’s pretty cool. That means you’re, like quarter demon, right?” He brushed some of his hair back from his eyes, finally really looking at the other boy. “So, ah, what are you’re powers, if you got 'em?”
This guy really wasn’t that bad.
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Crowe Roth || Waiting Room

He nodded a bit. “Yeah, a quarter demon. And quarter Azarathian? I’m not sure how it all works.” He shrugged a little bit, folding his hands in his lap. He was somewhat taken off guard by Burlioz’s question. “My powers?” He said. Oh god. Would he think it’s lame that I don’t know what my powers are yet? Does that seem pathetic? He asked himself. “I, uh, well,” He looked away before mumbling. “I don’t know.” He then looked back. “What about you?”

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Harlow Wagner-Quill // Waiting room

He nodded enthusiastically at the pretty girl, shaking her hand. “Yeah! Good to meet you, too,” he grinned, “You have really nice eyes!” He beamed, all childlike enthusiasm and no filter. “I’m Starlord and Nightcrawler’s son, what about you?” He bounced slightly in his seat, glancing at the big room they were all seated in