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I grinned when I read that I had completed the stage and when the man spoke to me. I won. They all probably failed, I’m the winner, I’m good at something for once. I thought to myself, then sat down when I was told to and looked around.
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I saw failed above my head. “The one time I finally get out the house and it’s to come fail.” “Yay.” I say sarcastically. I walk with everyone else.

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~ Mateo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ///// ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Meeting room with Laurel (Blu) ~

Mateo yawns, “Boring, I want to know more!” Mateo stretches in Tree-Pose, then sunset salutation, then replies to her question, “My mom is a faceless person, she goes by many names. I don’t even know her real name. Everyone calls her Mystique.” Mateo then cracks his neck, and then knuckles. He bounces from toe to toe, “Okay, I think I’m ready.” Mateo starts to eat the candy bar, “Don’t go easy on me!”



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Paige Alison Markov

“You guys go stand in the circles, I’ll pull the lever!”

She looked over at the boy who had been plotting to pull the lever. She was lucky that she would be safe, but, she didn’t wanna leave anyone behind. She looked over at Seth, then back to the demon’s head who was severely rolling towards them, unsure of what its focus was on right now. She knew she had to do something and she had to do it fast. She grabbed Seth’s hand, then raced towards the circles. He pushed him onto one, then immediately went onto one.

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Mammon Morningstar || Third room-ish
Standing right in front of the doors, Mammon was in full view of the new room. Seeing nothing inside of the room but three circles with the words “Only three shall proceed” above. He was happy to stay here, the other three could go trap themselves in a circle for all he cared. He’d be quite content just staying in here. Hopefully, an exit would appear after they left. Mammon turned round to face the three to tell them they could go, when he saw something wafting down the stairs they’d just come from. “No, that I will not be staying for. Good luck!”, he gestured as he spoke, before then bolting into the new room and stepping into the middle circle. He hoped he was safe from whatever that was, or at least that two of the others would hurry over to join him. He also wished Calvin would follow and not be left behind, despite the hurt leg.



.: Seth | Testing Room :.
He watched as the demonic head rolled close to him and Paige, backing away slightly as he noticed the rest of it had started dissolving into… an entryway. As he and Paige entered, he found himself in a circle nearly instantly. He felt a pang of pity for that random boy who was self sacrificing himself but hey, anything to scrape by. Plus it’s not like he was making him do it! “Well, looks like we have our circles reserved,” he said with a chuckle though it seemed dry and coarse as if forced out.

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~ Julio ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Julio sighs, he was already bored of this game. He wanted to try something interesting, something unique. He looks at his book one last time, then changes his mind, “How about you show me your powers. I’m curious. I know you are nervous, but hey, we’ve been through a lot together. Like truth spell, and such.” Julio puts his book into his backback, and slides his backpack under his chair to ignore it for the rest of the day, “What’s the worst that can happen?”



~ Bran || Waiting Room ~
Bran held his arms out in front of him to form a wall to block the punch and closed his eyes, waiting for the impact to hit him. When he felt nothing his arms shied away from his face and he opened his eyes. His forehead creased at the offer before looking at his hand, a handshake was the beginning of every business deal and a friendship was no different.
“No,” he told him, “Friendships lead to nothing.” He rolled his eyes at the boy’s offer.


~ Fleu’ren || Graveyard/Testing Room ~
Fleu’ren didn’t know she was holding her breath until the demon’s body disintegrated. She slowly descended the pink light on her eyes and hands went out.
The sounds of stones shuffling made her quickly turn around. It was something she’s never seen before. It was made of stones, which were cracked with pieces missing from it. The word “LOVE” was etched on the top of it, but it was obscure because of the dark atmosphere. The entrance was on the opposite side of some metal gates, blocking them from reaching the next stage. She heard the boy she hurt earlier telling them to get into the circles. With questioning anything, she zoomed through until she found herself standing on a circle with the others. It was only then when she heard the steps of a mass of demons running towards them. She stepped back a few paces before looking down, hoping the boy would be able to figure something out in time.

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Crowe Roth || Testing Room

He watched as the girl and guy ran to the circles and the other girl flew to them. He looked at the lever with determination before beginning to run towards it the best he could. He saw as the demons began to go after him. He dodged them the best he could, nearly getting grabbed. He stumbled and fell against the structure, feeling his chin hit the stone. Despite his pain, he pulled the lever and looked to the others. If I die at least it’ll be for them to pass.


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.: Laurel | Waiting Room:.
“You aren’t getting anymore information, sorry,” she rolled her eyes as she wondered who Mystique was. Many names? Most likely a fellow shapeshifter then. Laurel thought as she slipped something out of her pocket, a small stick-like object with a button on the side. “I won’t,” Laurel said, letting out a prideful smile as she clicked the button twice, letting it expand into a metallic bow. Wordlessly, she knocked the bow and let the arrow whiz by his head. “That. Was a warning shot,” she shrugged as she refilled her bow with another arrow.



Titania Khan
“I’ll try…” Titania spoke. She shape shifted into her mother. “I can shapeshift… and… stuff.” Titania kept going. “Heal, and size.” She spoke. She turned really small. “And stretch I guess…” She spoke, and she turned back to normal.



Carter at first felt a flush of excitement and embarrassment run through him at the thought of Tristan thinking he was distracting. He was about to brag before she corrected herself rather quickly and thus his hopes went down the drain. “Well, at least you admit I’m not all too bad!” Carter said before reluctantly letting out a laugh. “And I still think I’ll grow on you! Soon, you’ll find us being bestest friends ever or something like that,” he smirked as if he had won a competition. He was simply glad that she had thanked him for not being nosy, wondering if he should tone down the optimism though. “Plus, I don’t like prying into other people’s business. Back home, no one snooped around where they shouldn’t be. Business was yours to handle and yours to keep if you chose to.” It was a lesson his father had burned into his children’s minds at a young ago and sadly, Carter knew exactly why now. And the reason wasn’t as good as he hoped it would be.


Saturn found himself immersed in this story of the land of Asgard and he felt a pang of envy grow deep inside him. Saakar was… nothing like what this boy had described of his home. Sakaar was many, many things and for the lucky ones, it could be considered a utopia. Saturn had been one of the lucky ones but… well, in order to have a utopia, by theory you must have a dystopia as well. He felt the urge to ask if this Asgard had a dystopia hidden by all the glamour and glitz of it but felt it was not his place right now. Plus, if this boy was really as privileged as him then he would probably know little of any dystopia lying in plain sight.

“Asgard truly does sound like a utopia, perhaps I will visit one day. You need worry little about your quest, by the way, as I am sure you will live up to your great ruler’s expectations greatly! Perhaps you will even exceed them!” Saturn reassured Valen as he felt that burst of irritation flood his chest once again, causing him to let out a deep sigh. He managed to quickly contain this flood of anger as he calmed his breath. “My story? Well, it is not usual that many wish to hear the story of mine,” he giggled, delighted at how interesting this boy was. Truly he had chosen well in his plaything!

“I lived on a distant planet as I stated before, nothing too interesting to inform you about though I admit we had many a wondrous creatures and citizens residing there!” Saturn implored, smiling softly at the thought of his raggedy home. “I had my father but no mother there. Oh, don’t feel pity for me though, I didn’t know her and I don’t need to. But anyways, we lived a good life, as luxurious as it could get there,” he added as he turned to Valen. “That life is past so it matters not anymore. My new story shall begin here as shall yours!”



Catrina Savage

A laugh emitted from her. An actual laugh came from Catrina Savage. While Tammy…or Tanner…,or whoever he was had his tantrum, she was laughing. The amusement twinkled out of her eyes though, as she quickly regained her composure. She took another step back as he sunk to the ground, her eyebrow’s curled inward. Who raised this kid? All Catrina knew was that if she ever acted like this in front of her father…she shook her head to rid herself of this thought. She definitely didn’t want to know what would happen. Not letting the thought of her father dampen her outward confidence in the slightest, she gave a small snort and a mocking smile, “Oh I’m definitely never gonna forget this.” After one brief pause she continued, “And what does it matter if this person doesn’t remember you? Is he really that significant?”



~ Kass ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ///// ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Waiting Room with Bran (Mage) ~

“Why do you think that?” Kass frowns, “Have you never had a good friend before?” Kass scoffs, “You should give it a try, and not just a screw butty, but an actual friend. What’s the worst that can happen?”



~ Mateo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mateo yawns, “Really, I didn’t notice the shot.” Mateo looks around, then sees the arrow stuck in a post behind him, “Wow, there is it. You missed, that’s a poor warning shot.” Mateo smirks, planning to turning into either a monster or naked person to really mess with her. “Come on, try again. I dare yah.”



~ Julio ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ///// ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Waiting Room with Titania ~

“Like, can you change into an animal or a building?” Julio asks as he watches her, “That’s pretty cool, I think you can do lots of things with those powers.” Julio comments.

He thinks about how he first found out about his powers, and decides to ask about hers, “How did you find out about your powers?”


~ Tanner ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ///// ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Waiting room with Catrina ~

Tanner gasps, “He-He’s the world My world he is the most important person in this room! You must know him, he’s the first thought in my mind when I wake up, and the last desire before you close your eyes to sleep. Have you ever been in love? Wanted something so badly you’d do anything to achieve it?”



Titania Khan

She’d blush a little, she didn’t know her powers were that important. “Well, I found about my powers when I was 6… I was roaming around the city to get my mother some food from the nearby super market,” Titania spoke. “And I went… and I became someone else… I didn’t know what I was doing… and I couldn’t… control it.” She went on. “I mean, sooner or later I told Mom… and she told me her secret, that she was a super. And I was upset… and then she teached me how to control my powers.” She spoke again.

“How did you find out yours?”




I was just sitting there, pretty bored but nothing I wasn’t used to. I decided to go talk to someone, so I got up, only to see Alek sitting on the floor and… meditating? “What are you doing?” I asked him, then crossed my arms. I wondered if he was okay, he looked okay. “Wait, did you manage to kill the spider?”