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Aida Cage
Aida rolled her eyes slightly and looked toward the pigs again.” Calm down Gabe it’s just a nickname I mean it’s so much to say your whole name.” She crossed her arms as the pig rolled around. Once Gabriel started talking to Kirby she gently nudged Gabriel.” Shush he’s trying to concentrate.”

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I glanced over at the new guy that appeared. I looked at the robot guy when he said my name. I guess that does make sense… he does look to be a robot after all. And now I guess we all know each other’s names. “I can fly, I have slightly increased strength, and I can temporarily use other people’s powers.” I laughed at Mateo’s comment. “Does anyone have any good ideas? I can work with whatever plan anybody wants to do.”



I thought for a minute when he asked if I wasn’t looking forward to being here. I sighed and shrugged. I really wasn’t sure yet. “I…I’m n…not really sure… k…kinda I…I guess.” I just wanna be with my parents… But I kinda like it here so far, even though I’ve been in tears most of my time here so far. “I…I wish I…I w…was home t…though. You?”


Crowe Roth

He nodded a little in agreement with Luna’s words. “I want to be home, too.” He said with a sigh. “I want to be able to spend time with my parents and with the one friend I do have. But I can’t here. And who even knows if I’ll be okay here? I’ve been here for a relatively short amount of time and I’ve already ‘died’ once.” He said, making quotation marks with his fingers with the word died.

He then shook his head and took a deep breath as his mother told him to do when things were getting too stressful or going a way he didn’t enjoy. “But I’m sure everything will be okay.” He said with a nod. He was more trying to reassure himself than anything.



Everything he said was pretty much accurate for me too, but I didn’t have any friends before this. I sighed and nodded. “I…i want t…to be with m…my p…parents too. Be…being here is ver…very stressful, and m…my parents help me with m…my powers a…a lot. So I…i really want t…to be home with th…them…”


Crowe Roth

He nodded a little as he crossed his arms more in a way to hug himself. He closed his eyes a moment. He wished his powers would show up already. He almost wished that he didn’t have any powers so he wasn’t required to stress like this, but at the same time he was scared not to have any. What kind of outcast or malfunction would he be seen as then? “Yeah.” He said, more to note he had heard her rather than as a real response.



I sighed. I just wanted to be home and to not have to worry about anything here. I was extremely stressed out. I had no idea what I would be doing here. Either way I just wanted to know what we were going to be doing next. “What d…do you th…think we’re do…doing n…next?”


Crowe Roth

He looked to Luna before looking over to where he had walked out from. “I’m honestly not sure. I don’t even know what we’re going to be doing in this school.” He said. “I just wish someone would explain everything to us.” He said. “Don’t you?” He asked.



I nodded. “Definitely. I… I agree.” We still knew nothing of what we were doing here. Some kids might know more from whatever their parents told them, but I really knew nothing.


Titania Khan

Titania left her phone on the chair she was sitting on, she gently opened the door to the hallway, and walked to the female bathrooms. She used the bathroom washed her hands, and walked back to her chair.

She felt a bit lonely, so she sighed, and took a nap.


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Madeleine Snow

Maddie looked out the window while they were driving towards the school, her expression thoughtful and just the slightest bit tense. “Do you think they’ll like me, mum?” She asked without looking away from the landscape outside. Caitlin could sense her nervousness, and stroked her arm gently to try and comfort her. “I’m sure they will, sweetie. Why wouldn’t they? You’re a sweet girl, you know that right? Just be yourself, and I’m sure they’ll see what a wonderful person you are,” she said with a warm smile trying to cheer up her daughter a bit, even if she felt slightly nervous about this herself. Having to leave her daughter here, the person she loved more than anything in the world. Saying goodbye and watching her walk inside where she knew no one. It would be hard, she knew it would be. She hoped Julian and her had made the right choice in having her attend this school, where she would meet other children like her, sons and daughters of superheroes and villains. They had both agreed that this would probably be the best place for Maddie to learn to use and improve her abilities, and that she’d feel less alone than she did with children without any superhuman powers. At least one thing they could agree on…
Maddie rested her face on her hand and let out a sigh. “How do you know that? The people in class at my previous school called me weird and four eyes because of my glasses. What if the people here will think the same?” I’m not like the others, am I…
Although Caitlin couldn’t take her eyes off the road, all she wanted right now was to give her daughter a hug. “Maddie…” She thought about how to word it. “You’re none of those things. You’re smart, kind and hard-working. Please don’t let what they said bring you down. You were different from them because of your parents, but this time you’ll go to a school where you will meet others like you, other children of parents with superhuman powers. You’ll fit it just fine, trust me.”
Maddie turned around and gave her mother a slight smile. “Thanks, mum. You always know what to say to me.”
Caitlin smiled. “I love you so much, sweetheart. And I know this must be hard for you, living so far away from home. But you’ll be okay, and I hope you’ll meet some nice people.”
They pulled up to the school now and Maddie glanced out the window and saw a bunch of children and parents in the school yard. She felt butterflies in her stomach just looking at the tall building rising above the ground. This is it. I’m really doing this… I don’t know anyone here, but if mum says it will be good I hope she’s right. I hope I get a nice roommate at least. She adjusted her glasses and hesitantly opened the door and stepped out. In front of them was the big main building of Exousía, school for exceptional teens. It felt surreal to be here. They had been asked to leave their belongings in front of the main building, so Maddie carried her school bag while Caitlin handled her suitcase. Caitlin had dreaded this day for some time now, but at the same she knew this would be much better for Maddie than a regular school. They stopped in front of the school and Caitlin looked down at her daughter with tears in her eyes and a smile in the corners of her mouth. She cupped her face affectionately. “My dearest Madeleine. I love you so so much and I’m incredibly proud of you. I know your father is too, and I’m sorry he couldn’t be here today as well. I hope this place will be good for you and that you’ll have a great time here and grow into a wonderful young woman.” Caitlin tried to hold back her emotions but struggling to hold it in she let out a sniffle. “Look at you. You’re growing up so fast. Already a teenager. The time goes by so quickly, doesn’t it.” She braved a smile through her misty eyes.
Seeing her mother like this and hearing what she said, Maddie got tears in her eyes as well. “Mum, I love you so much too. I’ll be okay, don’t worry. Now you’re making me cry too.” She said with a slight chuckle, but sniffled right after. “I’ll miss you, mum,” she said and let out a sob. She didn’t want to try, not here, not now. Not in front of all these people. But she couldn’t stop herself right now, feeling nervous and vulnerable about being left to be all by herself in this unknown place. Caitlin hugged her and let her cry into her shoulder. “I’ll miss you too, sweetie. Take care of yourself, okay? And remember that you can call me or dad whenever you want to.”
“Yeah…,” she answered, her voice weak. “You take care too mum. And yes, I will. I’ll call you later today if I remember.”
Caitlin hesitantly let her go. “Okay.” She nodded. “I’m sorry but I think I have to go soon. Do you know where to go? You want me to follow you there?”
Maddie shook her head no. “No, it’s okay. I can walk there myself, I know where it is,” she said, not exactly wanting everyone inside that room to see her in tears. It was better to say goodbye here right now.
Caitlin smiled and gave her one last hug and wiped her tears away. “Okay then. Goodbye Maddie. I’ll talk to you soon. Good luck,” she said and turned around and walked away before she could regret it.
“Thanks. Bye mum!” Maddie said and waved. She then turned towards the towering building and swallowed, hesitantly walking towards it. Before she entered the building she thought about her father Julian and what he had said to her. “Everyone is suspicious. Trust no one unless they give you a reason to.” She took a deep breath and walked into the waiting room where lots of children were sitting already. Maybe he’s right. She quietly sat down on a chair that wasn’t taken without saying a word to anyone. A part of her wanted to have her mother there with her, but another part wanted to do this alone. She heard an announcement about a test and felt her stomach tightening. Oh no… What if I can’t do this right? Then I will be a failure. She glanced around the room studying the people there, wondering who they all were but nervous to talk to anyone.

ORP: Approachable
At last I’m writing that intro post :sweat_smile: Hope my portrayals of the characters weren’t too far off. Sorry if they were really bad. I tried haha.


Crowe Roth || Assembly Hall

He sighed again before leaning against the wall. He slid down it into a sitting position. He didn’t like the whole idea of it all at the moment. Everything felt off, felt strange. He inhaled deeply once more before looking up to Luna. “I like your hair. It looks soft.”



I sighed and watched Crowe slide down against the wall. I tilted my head slightly and looked at him kinda questioningly when he said my hair looked soft. “Thanks…?” It was a kinda weird thing to compliment someone on in my opinion. I shrugged slightly as I ran one of my hands through my light blonde hair. Part of me wanted to just go off and sit in the corner somewhere, but I knew trying to keep talking to Crowe would make my parents happy. I’m just not the best at talking to people, so I didn’t know what I could even talk to him about.


~ Serena || Waiting Room ~
Serena’s eyes spotted a girl sporting brown hair and large dark eyes looking around the room, presumably to find a new friend. Serena’s hair bounced on her shoulders as each of her shoes made a click sound when it pressed upon the floor. She sat next to the girl with a small grin on her face and her elbow rested on the armrest, extended in the girl’s direction with an open palm.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully, “My name’s Serena, what’s yours?” The hope of making a new friend in the school lit her eyes up as she said each word.


Jackson Jones || Waiting Room
He can read minds, and he’s still talking to me? Jackson thought. Right, can only read minds in the wind to people wearing blue silk. Yeah, that’s not a thing, but why is he lying. Why would you bother lying about what your powers are? He shrugged. Oh well, each to their own. He decided to not even comment on Tanner’s ‘powers’, instead, he just answered his next questions. “I’ve only talked to one other, so I don’t know if I can really share an opinion on this. How many have you talked to?”

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~ Tanner ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ //// ~ ~ ~ ~ Jackson ~

“Just one, but I’m not going to count him because he think’s I’m crazy, but they were the one that was crazy. Or maybe it was a girl I was talking to- either way the point is the same. Most people here are psycho and probably villains.” Tanner laughs, then gasps, “Wait - you are villain?”



Crowe Roth || Assembly Hall

He shook his head a little. “You don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to.” He said. He had a feeling she wanted to get out of the situation, and he couldn’t blame her. I’m boring and weird. Even here I don’t belong. Who am I kidding? I don’t belong anywhere. He thought.

As he sat there pitying himself, he was pulling on one if his bracelets. Suddenly it broke and the beads of it began to scatter. “No!” He cried out once he realised what had happened and scrambled to collect the beads.


◤ Feeling as if the pressure was going to crush her Oyarsa moved towards her designated cubicle with the clothes in her hand. Once she was there, she organised the clothes in front of her and copied how they looked, making her usual clothes look as if she was wearing the ones she had been given.

Leaving the original clothes she had been given aside, Oyarsa then proceeded to read the riddle and answer it. It took her a little more than she had expected, considering that it seemed to clash with what she was used to, so her approach had to change a few times before she managed to understand it. After she was content with her reply, she put the paper in the envelope she had been given and tried to submit it, but something was blocking the slot for her to give her answer. What was going on? Was she doing anything wrong? She couldn’t understand what was happening, but the fact that a clock had appeared right in front of her and was quickly nearing zero didn’t make things easier for her.

She began pacing around the room, trying to understand what was wrong, but her mind had become too muddled, and soon enough, she found herself sitting in a corner, hugging her knees and struggling to control her thoughts. This couldn’t be, Superman couldn’t be this mean, or could he? Maybe another martian was not allowed to be on earth? They had had some troubles with both J’onn and M’gann, maybe they didn’t want more trouble. Or maybe they had found out what J’onn had done to bring her to Akyndínos? Was J’onn okay? Would he get punished for his actions? Many possibilities of how they could be torturing him, and how they were going to torture her were crossing her mind. And she had under a minute left. Is this how I’m going to die? Failing to solve a riddle, she said to herself with a bitter laugh, before another image showed over her head, one of the clothes she was given.

Seriously? Couldn’t she have kept her own clothes? She held those clothes in front of her again, looking at them, and with a defeated sigh, she began putting them on, feeling uncomfortable and plain wrong when they came in contact with her body, but there was no other way, was there?

The clock came to zero before she finished putting the clothes on, and the door of her cubicle opened. Leaving her exposed to whatever was coming next.◢


Just as she submitted her answer, a red light began glowing over Catrina's head, and a door opened in front of her, letting some water from the Mangrove ahead of her into the room. Just as the water came in, the other elements in the room disappeared, leaving Catrina in an empty room with an entrance to the mangrove where the others were. She could only see a part of what was going on from her spot, but the other kids seemed to be fighting something.

On the other side of the room, the Hunter had begun shaking the ice off of itself and it moved towards the kids at a slower pace than it had before, trying to break through all the ice in its way, hoping to throw the kids off their balance as it attempted to move all the water it could as it warmed itself up once again. It continued to move under the surface for a while, attempting to get closer to the kids. And just when it was a few metres away from them, it jumped outside the water, attempting to use its tail to grab the three of them.

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