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By: The AstroNérds (@Cam, @Luxinos and @Bomi)
Original idea by: @ChloeDraws

“There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time.”
H. G. Wells, The Time Machine

If you were to look for the city of Akíndynos, you would not find it, for it’s not in this world, or any world for that matter. Akíndynos is its own world, a pocket universe, hidden in a fixed spot that could be accessible from any other universe, but only by those who know its secret. Why is the city hidden as it is? It’s to keep everyone else safe, both from what’s on the inside, and what’s waiting on the outside.

Heroes have always existed, and so have the villains they fight against. And one day, a villain previously unheard of, thought to have cracked the code to stop the existence of heroes altogether. But their quest to eliminate all heroes went too far, and their obsession led to consequences that affected all universes. It hadn’t been long before all universes began collapsing on themselves, killing myriads of innocent people. While the heroes could only watch the chaos that was caused merely by their existence.

That was when Franklyn Richards decided to intervene, if the existence of heroes was going to be erased from all universes, then he had to create a universe in which they would be safe. Eliminating them from their original timelines to keep those safe of the destruction their existence meant.

Once Akíndynos was created, he worked together with heroes such as Doctor Strange and The Demiurge, as well as Doctor Manhattan and many others to travel through time and space, and extract every hero (as well as their families) from their original world to take them to this new utopia. However, the heroes refused to leave their worlds without the ones who put it at risk, they couldn’t leave their home worlds without their protection. And for that reason, villains were also taken to this new city, and some of them managed to sneak their families into the pocket universe with them.

Soon enough, Akíndynos was thriving. And while all the other universes mourned the loss of their heroes, they could now begin rebuilding their worlds without the villains, and without the threat of having their universes collapse onto themselves. It is rumoured that whenever a big threat arises outside of Akíndynos, the heroes go back to their home worlds to defend them, but they disappear soon after that.

Meanwhile, in the pocket universe, heroes were able to build their lives, their families. And to live without worrying about what seemed to be waiting for them right outside the bubble. To ensure the proper education of their children, the Exousía School for Exceptional Teens was created, and all children of both heroes and villains are meant to study at the newly created academy. There, everyone will learn to manage their abilities, and follow the heroes footsteps. But there is one more thing, something no one will tell the children, no matter how scared the adults are. There is something seeping into the pocket universe, and no one knows how to fight it yet.

With this new, unknown evil lurking, will the children manage to go through their education, while trying to deal with the problems of teenage life and finding themselves? Or is Akíndynos doomed to fail?

The only way to answer is to open the doors of Exousía to the children of the safe city.

Read this before signing up:

Taken Characters
  • Ant-man - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Argent - FallenAngelNight13
  • Aqualad - epi.alyssaa
  • Aquaman - Luxinos
  • Beast Boy - HermanEpisode
  • Billy Numerous - Hail_the_stxrs
  • Bizzaro - kitty4322
  • Blackfire - kitty4322
  • Black Cat - Drama_Queer
  • Black Panther - Hail_the_Stxrs
  • Black Widow - Vanille
  • Bullseye - Luxinos
  • Bumblebee - _Nasia
  • Calypso - FallenAngelNight13
  • Captain America - TheBluGeek
  • Captain Cold - FallenAngerNight13
  • Catwoman - kerubiel
  • Cloak - LittleFeets
  • Cyborg - kitty4322
  • Cyclops - mage158
  • Dagger - LittleFeets
  • Daredevil - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Deadpool - FallenAngelNight13
  • Deadshot - Luxinos
  • Death - Cam
  • Diablo - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Doctor Doom - Vanille
  • Doctor Strange - Luxinos
  • Domino - FallenAngelNight13
  • Donna Troy - Drama_Queer
  • Dormammu - TheBluGeek
  • Emma Frost - mage158
  • Falcon / Sam Wilson - Briar.R
  • Gamora - Silverstar
  • Green Arrow - TheBluGeek
  • Groot - Silverstar
  • Hancock - CrazyCaliope
  • Harley Quinn - Once
  • Hawkeye - kerubiel
  • Hulk - Hail_the_stxrs
  • Hulkling - Cam
  • Invisible Woman - Kate_Potter
  • Iron Fist - Wingsoffire
  • Iron Man - Cam
  • Jean Grey - Luxinos
  • Jessica Jones - Chocolate_Mama / CrazyCaliope / kitty4322
  • Jinx - TheBluGeek
  • John Constantine - SilverStar
  • Kid Flash - TheBluGeek
  • Killer Frost - LittleElf / Tellyg47
  • Killmonger - QueenChid
  • Kitty Pryde - Kerubiel
  • Lady Sif - Vanille
  • Lady Deathstrike - Vanille
  • Loki - Cam
  • Lucifer Mornigstar - CrazyCaliope
  • Luke Cage - Chocolate_Mama / CrazyCaliope / kitty4322
  • Madame Xanadu - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Magma - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Magneto - mage158
  • Martian Manhunter - Cam
  • Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan) - Coolepisodes
  • Morgan Le Fay - Vanille
  • Mystique - FallenAngelNight13
  • Nebula - Ella
  • Nick Fury - TheBluGeek
  • Nightcrawler - Kerubiel
  • Nightwing - mage158
  • Overwatch - TheBluGeek
  • Poison Ivy - Once
  • Prestige - mage158
  • Professor X - FallenAngelNight13
  • Puppet Master - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Quicksilver - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Ra’s al Ghul - Vanille
  • Raven - HermanEpisode
  • Red Hood - mage158
  • Reverse Flash - Tellyg47
  • Robocop - CrazyCaliope
  • Rogue - Littlefeets
  • Scarlet Spider - Vanille
  • Scarlet Witch - Ella
  • Shade - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Shogun - Vanille
  • Silk - Vanille
  • Spider-Man - SillyCupcake22233
  • Starlord - Kerubiel
  • Starfire - mage158
  • Storm - Drama_Queer
  • Supergirl - QueenChid
  • Superman - mage158
  • Tarot - ScarletSwanHunter
  • Taskmaster - Hail_the_stxrs
  • Tempus - Yeah09
  • Terra - epi.alyssaa
  • The Flash (Barry Allen) - TheBluGeek
  • The Flash (Jay Garrick) - Tellyg47
  • The Grand Master - Hail_the_stxrs
  • The Joker - Once
  • The Riddler - Cam
  • The Winter Soldier / White Wolf - Kerubiel
  • Thor - Sae
  • Ultron - TheBluGeek
  • Vandal Savage - Wingsoffire
  • Violet Parr - QueenChid
  • Wiccan / The Demiurge / Billy Kaplan - Cam
  • Wolfsbane - FallenAngelNight13
  • Wolverine - FallenAngelNight13
  • Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) - Drama_Queer
  • Wonder Woman - epi.alyssaa
  • Zatanna - FallenAngelNight13
Reserved characters
  • Black Canary - wingsoffire
  • Daken - Episode_fan1
  • Dark Phoenix - Yeah09
  • Doctor Fate - Tellyg47
  • Dust - Yeah09
  • Fatale - Clarkiiie
  • Hela - DandelionKate
  • Mera - Aida.M
  • Party Poison - kerubiel
  • Red Arrow - Tellyg47
  • Sin - readerlivesouls
  • Spider-Girl - Drama_Queer
  • Spiderman (Miles Morales) - Tellyg47; DandelionKate
  • Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) - Drama_Queer
  • White Canary (Sara Lance) - Silverstar
Characters up for adoption
  • [Captain Marvel] Brady Danvers
  • [Enchantress] Keisha Moone
  • [Namor] Morgan Mckenzie
  • [The Wasp] Evangeline Pym
Sign up rules
  • While the first come, first serve dynamic is used here, you can only reserve for two characters during the first twenty-four hours. This is so everyone has chances of reserving for the characters they want. Twenty four hours after your first reserve, you may reserve for other two characters if you want to.
    ** There is no character maximum.
  • Reserve before signing up. Any sign ups I receive before the user has reserved will not be taken into account.
  • Ideally, there should be only one child per character. However, there can be up to two if the person who first reserved allows it.
  • Please research your character so it goes accordingly to the cannon of the universe, timeline and moment you chose.
  • Try not to have two characters with the same name or faceclaim.

Here it is, the sign up thread for an idea that has been in development for months. I have to be honest, I did not expect so many people to be interested in this RP. It was a pleasant surprise to see you guys liked the idea, so thank you for that.

Now, here is the sign up form.

Faceclaims (in progress)

Tagging all of you who showed interest

@Aohebe_S @Chocolate_mama @CrazyCaliope @Drama_Queer @Ella @epi.Alyssaa @EpisodeGirl @Episode.BriarRose @Etherwalker @FallenAngelNight13 @Hail_the_Stxrs @Kittenlove @LittleFeets @mage158 @Oorgeloop @QueenChid @ScarletSwanHunter @Tellyg47 @TheBluGeek

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Hi I want to join a RP

Thanks for the tag. Signing up in a bit!!!



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Can I be kid flash or a different flash?

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You can have Kid Flash (Or earth 2 Flash, or Impulse, and so on XD)

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Thanks men. Your the best.
Reserve for Earth 2 flash!!!

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You’re welcome ^-^

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What you watch the flash???!!! I’m in love with the flash!! Also do you watch the Arrow?


Hey, @Cam, are we allowed to do a child of Wonder Woman?


Sorry. Don’t feel like watching 6 seasons of it. But I watched everything else flash supergirl DC legends of tomorrow. Etc…


Ughh it’s all so good!!!

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Maybe next time?

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Yep, you are ^-^


Okey dokey, then, may I reserve a child of Wonder Woman?


Sure! I’ll add it to the list

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Thank you! :blush:

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Can I reserve for Black Canary?


Yes, you can :3

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Is Harley Quinn and The Enchantress allowed?

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Oops no Harley quinn anymore XD

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