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@Cam, I just have a random thought/question since you’re planning to reopen sign-ups soon.
Just to do with the list that I made up, which shows where all the characters are (approachable or not). There are many RPers who have only made one post (or just a handful) and then have gone inactive, or some that are in conversations but have replied back in over a month.
Should you do something, maybe send a reminder out to those RPers? I mean, there are some active RPers who are only using one or two of their characters because their other(s) is/are stuck in inactive conversations.
Maybe adoption/bloodline claims need to be done with these characters?!

Sorry, just trying to help! :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Yeah, I’m going to go through that process soon, though I know that some RPers haven’t been able to be so active due to irl things, so I don’t want to be unfair to them


I’m definitely reserving Enchantress if sign-ups are opening again.


Has there seriously not been anyone that has reserved The Punisher?
If he is available, since sign ups are opening again soon, I would like to reserve him.


When are signups opening?



Am I allowed to make another character as “Eleven’s daughter.”

Not anime.


I signed up with my character, who is the daughter of the Harley Quinn and the Joker…I hope they are allowed to be here.

@Littlefeets @Cam @FallenAngelNight13


@Cam @FallenAngelNight13 can one of you guys help her out please?

She is my, in real life, friend, but I can’t really help her with this.


Um - to my knowledge sign ups are still closed until we get through all the groups.

and the Harley Quin / Joker parents are taken by @Once


Dang it! I really wanted them for my parents @FallenAngelNight13



Hi, there,

I’m am sorry to announce your character will not be joining the RP.

As Fallen mentioned already, sign ups are still closed (and will probably remain closed for the rest of October). However, the main issue with your sign up is that it shows that you did not read the OP completely, or if you did, you failed to follow the rules. For that reason, your character won’t be taken into account.

As said in the OP:


You may still sign up (following the rules this time) when I reopen sign ups again. But, again, as of now, they are closed.

On another note, I also wanted to thank you because you indirectly reminded me that I have to update the OP, with the list of existing/reserved/adoptable characters. So thank you about that, it’s been really helpful.


Tiny bump~
Sign ups have been reopened!


Can I reserve Enchantress?

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