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I’m gonna have to drop my reserve for Batgirl, I can’t handle making another character.

Too much work…


@Hail_the_Stxrs Sure thing ^~^

@TheBluGeek He’s all youes :3

@_Nasia I’ll have to check but I don’t think so?

@Kate_Potter Harley’s been reserved by @/Once But we have plenty of characters open

@epi.alyssaa Okey, I think you’ve submitted the rest of yours =)


Oh ok


I probably just reserved or something


oh ok


Reminder that sign ups are due in four days ^~^ if anyone needs an extension, please let us know.


Reminder that characters are now due Friday, if you need an extension, please let us know. ^-^

Also, a few requests I have for all of you:

· If your character is related to another character (cousins, aunts/uncles, any other family, childhood friends, etc.), please talk to the creator of said character, and if possible let me know about your characters relationships before the RP begins.
· I understand that it’s a common trope to have characters with mental illnesses, even more when it comes to villains. However, I will ask you to please refrain from making your characters evil because of a mental illness. And if you’re going to write a character who is not neurotypical, please do your research and make an effort to write them properly.


@Chocolate_Mama and @kitty4322 discussed it here and then in PMs, we making/have made triplets for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage!


Mm! I need an extension, if that’s alright. Real life has been stressing the hell out of me lately and I just haven’t found the time to make my other characters. Would the 23rd be alright?


Yep, it would :3


@Tellyg47 Would it be okay for you if my character was the older sister (14) instead and yours was the younger (13)? Or they could of course be twins if you want. I’ve found a better fitting fc I think and she looks more mature. This is the one I found, what do you think?




Reserve for female batman daughter


Batman is already taken by LHT

Please read carefully through the first post


Reserve for female Miss Marvel’s daughter.


What do you mean by Timeline and Universe?


There you go


I gtg, my mom is rude. I’ll sign up later.




Which Ms. Marvel? Because Carol Danvers is taken


That’s Captain Marvel :wink:
Miss Marvel is Kamala Khan