Expected dialouge error about my label?


i keep getting an error message about my label, this is how it’s set out.


choice “How old are the characters in this story?”{

They’re teenagers, all between the ages of 16-18.

goto label_Q&A

“Why are there no romantic choices?”{

I promise there will be, you just have to keep reading :wink:

goto label_Q&A

“How often do you update?”{

Like a lot of authors I don’t have a set schedule, I also have committments for school so the story may be put on hold a few times.

goto label_Q&A

< PREMIUM> “I’m done asking questions”{

Thanks for reading <3
@transition fade out black 2

what am i doing wrong?


Two things:

  1. You’re label command should be label and then the name of your label:

label Q&A

So delete the underscore.

  1. Label names cannot have an ampersand. So remove it:

label Q_and_A


thank you! that fixed it



Thanks for the help everyone! Closing topic :smile: