Experienced artist needed! s.o.s!

Yo guys! I really really need an experienced art maker to make my new story covers and possibly warning/instagram covers! I tried to make some myself and im TERRIBLE!! SOMEONE HELP!!!

Okay so I am not very experienced but I would love to help!

Examples of my work:

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I recommend you to go over here–

Blue’s SPLASHES and COVERS Request Thread

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Hi @Alyssa_Snijders!! Thank you so much for helping!
I had a look at your examples and I really, really love your loading screens (The ones like episodes original but with your own characters)
I’m not too sure how you run this, do you take all character details or whatever.

Happy to give you credit it my story!!
Thank you !!!

I would love to make one of these for you! If you could sent me the details (like character/outfit details and where which characters needs to stand and the behaviours) then I will start right away! :smile:

I can! Tomorrow tho.

Do you have any examples covers?

So I can take a look at your style?

I can make your covers if you want them. Just reply back to this comment for examples of my work.

Can I have a look at your examples please?
thank you x

Here’s a link to my thread, I have tons of examples up there so just scroll through. :grin:

I have something in mind what I would like.
I’m willing to send you details and photo inspiration and you can let me know if it’s something you can get done?

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Not at the moment. Sorry

If you go to my thread, Amani and Diva’s art studio, there are examples there.

Yeah Of course!