Experienced lost soul looking for creative co-writer

cough sorry for the cheesy and poetic title, I had to

Hi there! I’ve been considering creating a thread like this for quite a while now, uncertain if I will actually find what I’m looking for. Luckily I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter, trying won’t hurt right? :sweat_smile:

As the title says, I’m looking for a co-writer. I am good at advanced directing and I think I’m quite good at creating characters and dialogue also, but my problem when writing is that I often lack the inspiration to continue my stories. What I’m looking for is a creative mind that have similar experiences as me, someone to write a good quality story with and someone who values diversity, a unique plot cough no high school bad boy stories and well rounded characters with realistic dialogues. You don’t necessarily have to be great at both directing/writing conversation, but it would be much appreciated if you were good at one of these things so we could add equally as much to the story. Because we’ll, I am looking for an equal. I don’t want to write someone else’s story or the other way around, I want to write our story. I hope this makes sense, I have a tendency to be bad at expressing myself sometimes :grin:

ALRIGHT, If you are still reading and have a tiny bit of interest in collaborating with me, I would love for you to answer some questions:

  • What are your strengths as a writer on episode?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What aspects do you value the most in a story?
  • What story would you be interested in writing? What genre? Which audience do you want to focus on?

Okay, even though it’s very unlikely I hope at least someone will find this thread and think ”hey, this might be something for me!” :sweat_smile: Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to see if anyone actually replies to this thread! :sob:

//Puma :revolving_hearts:

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I am a young creative writer that’s in need of a partner my story is falling apart and I need a partner to help me make a lot better and hope can fix my errors and help me bring my story to life in return i will give you such wonderful story ideas and help you out in the future

And will give you wonderful art designs covers and backgrounds

check out this cover that i made for my story cover

my strengths are ideas and plots writing and creating outfits
my weakness is coding
the hard work the authors put into it
im open to anything but im really really creative with fantasy

Anyone who wants a writting partner Pm me i will be happy to help

I am a fast reader and writer.I write fantasy and realistic fiction and have good grammar. My weakness is that I sometimes start story’s but don’t finish them.And I would generally like to write for an audience from thirteen to eighteen . Please reply.

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pm me and we can chat

Bump in case someone else would happen to pass by this thread, I guess I still haven’t quite found what I’m looking for :grin: