๐Ÿ’— Experienced Proofreader needed ๐Ÿ’—

Hi there, Iโ€™m in need of an proofreader for my story. Iโ€™d be very much appreciated it!
:heartpulse: Please read the captions below, thank you! :heartpulse:

:point_down:Requirements :
:tea:You must has rich experienced and has worked with others.
:tea:You must reply to my message rather than ignore it.
:tea:If you have any questions or need a vacation, you must inform me beforehand.
:tea:Would be great if you have Instagram account.
:tea:If you are interested or you know anyone you can comment down below or DM meโ€‹ :relaxed: @joxilove.write :tea:


Hey! Iโ€™m writing a story with someone else, and have done some proofreading for others, what exactly do you want? my instagram is @pain.central_

I was looking for an proofreader for my story. I already mentioned in the above.

I am a proofreader with lots of free time. I have worked with several amazing authors, so Iโ€™m experienced. I do take it seriously, and can make a deal about being a permanent proofreader if thatโ€™s what you so choose. For the most part, I almost immediately reply quickly since Iโ€™m always on here, but it will vary depending on our time zones. Lastly, my first language is English and my second is Spanish. I could start as soon as tomorrow, if youโ€™d like. Although, I donโ€™t have Instagram. If you think we could work together please PM me here, if not thatโ€™s completely understandable too.

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I will be glad to help, do you just need proofreading in terms of spelling and grammar or coding?

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