Experienced writing partner needed

Hey guys, I’m just starting out as a writer and I need a more experienced writer to help me out! I already have somewhat of an idea of what I want my first story to be about I just have no idea where to begin and would appreciate the help. Also, in a couple of months school will be starting back up; I’ll need someone to work on the story when I can’t. Thanks, guys.:grin::grin:



What sort of experience do you mean?

I have a finished manuscript, but not published any episode stories yet

Hi there! I’m looking for someone who can help me with directing and someone who can just contribute ideas overall to the story. Someone who is willing to work on chapters when I get too busy with school starting in August and things like that.

I can help you with all your ideas

Hey there!
I don’t know if you have already found someone but I’ve been writing prose and fanfiction for a few years now and could help you plotting and directing, especially if you’re stuck!

That would be awesome. I feel like I am doing okay with the actual story part but I’m having a lot of trouble with the directing aspect of writing an episode story.

I am an advanced coder and would love to help! PM me if you want me to help!