Experiencing multiple issues

Hello, all.

So I’m new to the forums as well as script writing, and I’m currently working on my first story, but every time I try and work on it, I encounter issues.

This is my current issue,

I try to preview my work so I can see it’s working correctly, but it’s giving me the screen above. I removed coding that might have been interfering with it, but it’s still doing it.

If you need to see my script, it’s right here.

Any help would be appreciated! It’s frustrating.

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yeah, just refresh your page. it’s a bug that’s really annoying nowadays

I refreshed and it’s working fine now. Thank you!

Are bugs common on here?

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just started recently, this error started appearing frequently and it’s making everyone frustrated

Ah. That’s odd. This is happening at the worst time for me, hah. Thanks for your help!

Hope it gets sorted.

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