Experiencing Writer's Block

Is anyone else experiencing a writers block? I know what I want this story to be but I don’t. Any tips?


Here are some tips that I use:

Take some time off- this way when you get back to it your mind will be clear

read book, watch movies, or even hang out with friends- this may help you come up with ideas

read other episode story’s- I don’t know why this helps but It does.

Ask friends and peers for ideas- something they say may brighten the bulb.

That’s all I have have a great day and hope you get through this writers block


Thanks so much, I appreciate it. I spent about a week away and unfortunately the only inspiration I got was from feeling unloved and continuing so my character can feel loved lol!


take a nap, take a shower, I often get the best ideas when I am doing nothing

is it an entire writer block, or just the scene, if ist just the scene, skip it, and write on something els later in the story, and return to this scene later


I think its just the scene but its an easy one to do I’m just severely unmotivated. Thank you btw


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I have a thread for that! You can check it.

I hope it’s useful

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If you’ve already published/completed some chapters, read them! It sounds dumb but the easiest way for me to get inspired is to re-read my own story. It reminds me A) why I started writing it in the first place, and B) why I gave my MC the personality I did.

If it’s just one scene you’re having trouble with, skip it! Sometimes I write the second half of my chapter before I write the first, and by the time I’ve done that, I have some new ideas.

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