Experiment - Cliche stories

So I’ve seen many posts about people hating cliche stories because it’s repetitive, it’s boring, it promotes certain topics which glamorises certain things (I won’t go into detail). But yet it’s still popular. It gets reads. People still enjoy them.

And I always wondered why these types of stories are more successful than the others. What secret elements do these stories carry which makes them attractive.

So I want to do a little experiment. I’m gonna write a nice short cliche story with everything that people hate to try and unlock those hidden elements which make it successful. Then I can use what I learnt and write stories which aren’t so cliche but using those elements if you get me.



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so I have mention this before, clichi dosent make a bad story, orginality dosent make a good story, its in the writhing,



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Good point. I’ve read many cliche stories and as long as the storyline is good, then what the heck


I sort of did this on another app that shall not be named. I’ve always felt that trending stories:

  • Are romance focused
  • Shorter chapters which are easier to binge
  • Update fast
  • Include tropes that people love
  • Steamy cover

I applied these elements into my story (using a billionaire boss and rockstar trope) and the story hit #1.
I’ve recently converted that story for Episode and it’s gained over 100k reads in about 2 months which is really good for me. (I’m not updating as fast as I wanted to, but I have 13 episodes published.) So this story is sort of my own little experiment :rofl: but it has a strong mystery element to it as well, so it’s still “me” enough for me to put it under my own account lol


Ps : it’s amazingly good :fire:

@josiej8 I was actually thinking about doing that a couple months ago :rofl: I’m working on a new story and honestly I might try to add some elements in there to see if it really does attract more readers. The story will still be as original as I can given the setting it will be in, but I might experiment too :smirk:


Unpopular opinion but I’ll standby it nonetheless :grin::

I hate to do it but I feel I am now feeling forced to write a cliche romance story just to boost retention and etc even when I don’t want to because most abt 99% of these romances goes against my beliefs, intelligence, pureness of the mind, writing skills and etc. But chances are I still firmly won’t even for experimental purposes.

Also personally I feel it may become an addiction of a route like one will keep writing this constantly once one starts on it due to feeling pressured, influenced and etc. Actually not just writing or coding or directing such stories but even engaging in such art forms or commission of art work for the nowadays romance covers is constitute as dosa too. Similar to drugs, alcohol, smoking etc, once start even just to experiment or for fun, it is difficult nearly impossible to stop thus dangerous addiction and let’s not downplay it saying it’s easy or maybe one day we’ll stop. It’ll never happen. Better to abstain from it even if it’s feels difficult (ooohh something most episode characters should learn how to do! Haahah) By the time it’ll be too late and we’ll most likely be 6 feet under.

This is in terms of what most stories portray, promote (mostly haram and dosa stuff lol!) and most times the unrealistic view of things which in real life and from my belief, the afterlife as well will get us punished. Haissss. Kinda feel worried about the exposure of our younger generation around the world.

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I’m so curious to find out how it pans out…I just need a cliche cheesy storyline…

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True,I like them but just at certain levels.

So the secret is romance, short episodes and eh…cliche :rofl: :face_vomiting:

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Unfortunately that’s what sells…

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I’ve never written a cliche romance before like the one I’m writing now has romance but it’s mainly about mental health. Romance isn’t the main focus

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I think its a chain reaction or the butterfly effect
incorporated with younger readers.

Lets say A creates a romance involving the mob, and it does really well, because there was nothing like it at the time so it gets a million views or reads. Like ok great, but lets say a large portion of those readers see how well the story did and want to try their hand at it, maybe some of them genuinely love the story or just want the views and traction that story got, so they create their own stories, and those who didn’t code a story, read those stories plus some other readers come in, next thing you know you get another flood of mob stories and reads, and episode cant ignore that these stories are getting the reads so they get featured

as far as the cliche plots go I think the same thing applies in a way except its not a type of story its elements within a story, and those elements end up getting repeated and repeated sometimes more than once in a story and this when its a problem

I dont want to bash anyone who wants the views or reads, I think we all do deep down, I am not going to bash anyone who creates stories, the coding isnt hard but it also isnt easy in my opinion.
I also dont want to say that cliche stories are always bad,

I dont think someone should just do whats popular or what works dont loose your integrity, some of my favorite stories I found through digging deep when they only had 20 views and now they have thousands and thousands or even millions.

I hope Im making sense

I mean, I think you can still put your own spin on things, but certain tropes are quite popular and appeal to a large portion of Episode’s core audience.
In my case, I think the cover is what’s sold it.


Oof i’d need to put ALL of the cliche elements to be able to get the $$$ lol :sob: but thanks :rofl::two_hearts:

I’m aiming for romance/drama/mystery and we’ll see how it does. I’m trying to find the right balance but it’s hard :see_no_evil:

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Yeah you are. It’s finding the right balance I guess…

Or I might just make a comedy out of it and poke fun I dunno…

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I can do covers not an issue. It’s what content I want to put out there. I’m kinda hoping without losing my dignity as an author to gain more reads (and I don’t mind some $$ in quarantine as I got no income right now) I can right something which appeals…


@EliseC brought up a good point, the cover is super important. I commissioned one for this story , and although it’s not HoT :hot_face: (not that I have a problem with that, I just felt uncomfortable doing that bc in the end it won’t really fit the story) it’s quite romantic and looks more “professional” so I hope it’ll make some people want to try it out.


I say go for it, just make sure people know its a parody
it shouldnt define you as a writer

You’re right. The cover is what attracts the reader. Luckily I have the tools to make a professional looking cover no issue. I think you do what you gotta do to get yourself out there

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