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Due to my other account not being able to reply to anything or anyone, I had to create a new account. So I apologize to those that were helping me but I couldn’t get back to. So to prevent that from happening again, I’m just going to make this post. I’m looking for an artist to do my art for my upcoming story, “Opposites Attract”. Please send me a request and message me on my Instagram: @alexgarciawashere. This is to prevent trying to reply to people on the forums and not being able to. THANXX!!


oh ok


give me a second

Art BackGround Needed!

Please add me on Instagram. At some point I wont be able to reply to comments on this. More information will be given if you add and message me. Thanxx again!


K I will.


can you create the group chat


Yes.Just add me and I’ll do that immediately.


Ok, but what’s your insta?


Episodegirl10 or Episode_Diamonds pick either one to message me on


**My Instagram is @alexgarciawashere **


If you can’t find it. Drop your Insta Username in the comments and I’ll add you.


I requested


it’s @mother_of_all_elements




I didn’t get any messages


Me either


@linalilly10 Can you send me the characters? I can do it now and we don’tt have to even find her ig


I need to make sure there right and I have to edit them but i just start


I was afk. Give me a moment to accept/find usernames.


I have the characters I’m gonna go edit it