Explain - Does any one know how to 'zap outfits' in H&V : Admit one?


I thought that the horizontal line was an overlay but the whole character (the overlay) changed with the line from top to bottom at the same pace. How?

Or anyone who knows how please do.


It’s an overlay?


Yeah, but the character slowly horizontally disappeared along the bar. I am not sure if I explained that correctly.

I think i first saw it in the insta status of
@quixote.chic please help me ??


Do you have a video maybe? :thinking:


I think the overlay covered the character then change the outfit then remove the overlay.


The overlay isn’t just the line: it’s the line and the blackness. So when the line (and blackness) goes down, the character gets hidden behind the black part of the overlay.


Ohh. It makes sense now. Tysm :heart::heart::heart:


I have tried but Screen recorder didn’t work. I got the answer. I really appreciate for trying to help me out. :slight_smile: @apes and @SilverStar.