Explain: why you can not use pinterest or google

a thing I see way to often is people getting art from Pinterest, not understanding that Pinterest is not royalty free or copyright free. so now I am gonna explain it very simple what this means

is Pinterest and google royalty free/copyright free

What does royalty/ copyright mean
it means someone owns it. example Mickey Mouse is own by Disney, so you can not put Mickey into your story. most art you find online are copyrighted.

copyright not only go for art, but brands, and characters and people and even scenes, example you can not put Taylor swift into your story, that is breaking copyright.

that also means you can not write fanfics. they are against the rules too, because they break copyright law. and its plagiarism.

where does it say in the rules I can’t use copyright stuff
right here. though I would like that episode made it more clear, the rules aren’t even easy to find.

what if I give credit
depends, do you have permission to use it?
if yes you have permission, then yes you can use it.
we have a lot of artist who do art that you can use as long as you give credit

a few artist who do that


but if you dont have permission then no you can’t use it.
let me give an example of why just giving credit without permission isn’t good enough.

first well it’s still stealing. let’s say you uploaded a picture and I put it on an advertisement, with a credit in the Conor saying credit your name would that be okay.

another example, you can’t even trust Pinterest link you to the right place, example this picture right here if you click on it, it will take you to an artist named friend2alex and the best guess would be she is the artist right? WRONG this picture is drawn by NaikoruJ and guess what, she dosent even own the outfits anymore because she has sold them. and I actually bought one of them, number 1 is mine

so lets say you draw number 1, and then you post it giving credit to artist A which it link to, but she didn’t make it Artist B made it, but she dosent own it I do, so you would actually be stealing it from me. because you dont even have permission to use it.

what if I buy the art
if you buy it, it’s your art which mean you are the one there have to give permission. so yes you can use it.

how do I know if its copyright-free
that is the tricky part, it can be really hard sometimes. I am gonna link a few pages there is copyright free there hopefully can help you.


I hope those will help some, and please feel free to share this with people.


thank you


I’ve found those backgrounds on Google and I’m using them in my story. Do you think I may use them?


And I can’t find the living room night version background in a second. I can’t find the backgrounds on Pexel or something, so yeah… and I saw in much other stories the same shower background.


Someone else must’ve made the backgrounds for Episode. If so, you would need to find/give credit to the person who made them. (But, yes. You should be able to use them.)


if you had read what I said you should know the answer is no

Google is not royalty-free.
do you have permission to use them from the artist? I assume no.


she still need permission from the artist, even if its edited episode backgrounds


Yes, that’s what I thought I said. She would need to find the artist to get permission and then credit them! (Sorry, that’s what I meant.)


Well, I don’t know who the editors are. How can I find them?

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I dont know. big chance they arent even on the forum anymore, most of the edited background on google and Pinterest are from people who have left


Yeah, so how can I ever find them for ask for permission?

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I dont know, and unfortunately can help, I am not myself in that situation because I dont use art I dont
know I can use.

I guess you have to look for them. I would recommend you to just replace the art with something new you can use.


Well, then I can better remove my story :sweat_smile: I’m going to try something. Thank you!


I can recommend someone? She has very good edited backgrounds for Episode. You’ll have to credit them of course, but she has a drive with backgrounds on it.


Hey, it’s a good bet that if you found it on google or Pinterest, it’s been saved from some other website and the chances of finding the original editor/creator is next to none. So, in my opinion, you should not use them in your story.

If you are not adept at editing yourself, I suggest checking out @CinnamonToast 's drive (free to use, no credit just don’t try to claim them as your own and do not share them anywhere else but in your story. ) – the link is on her profile if you click her name. There is also the “Official Background Sharing Thread” and several other threads that offer free backgrounds (some with/some without credit so make sure to read them) in the Art Resources section of the Episode Forums.

edit to add : If you use a background from the sharing thread, be sure to read through the thread to find out how that artist would like to be credited as some forget to put it on their post with the background, but others have asked. If you don’t see an answer, reply to that person and ask. crediting artists and editors is very important - it’s a respect thing- so make sure you follow their wishes.


What are even the consequences from Episode Interactive if you’re using copyright backgrounds?


That really shouldn’t be a question. Using someone’s copyrighted works without permission is wrong and punishable by law. Not to mention it would ruin your reputation here because people would know that you are a thief and they can flag your story- which would result in it getting taken off the app and potentially resulting in you being banned or suspended from the app entirely.

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Yes, I know. But I see different people using that shower backround.

They shouldn’t be without permission and just because everyone else is jumping off a bridge doesn’t mean that you should, too. I strongly urge you to find a free or credited version of something similar instead of going along with the growing trend to of stealing peoples’ hard work.

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Ok, thanks.

And CinnamonToast makes some pretty great looking backgrounds and you can use them without worrying about crediting her. Just make sure that you do not share her backgrounds with anyone else or claim that they’re yours.