Explosion sound error

So… using the “explosion_large” sound has been glitching? I don’t know if it really is just a glitch on my side, or if it’s placed wrong.

When I preview it on my phone sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. I’m worried that when I release it the sound won’t work. I’ve tried moving it around everywhere but it still doesn’t work, it keeps working and not working repeatedly. Please help

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Have you tried putting @pause for a beat or @pause for .5 between them (music off and sound explosion_explosion) instead? Just a suggestion

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It didn’t work. I thought this was the answer :disappointed: Thank you though

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Put sound off before the pause. If you try to play the sound more than once per episode it doesn’t play.
I’m so paranoid with this bug, I start every scene with sound off.

It worked! I tried it twice just in case AND IT WORKED! Thank you so much. I’m going to start scenes with sound off too :sweat_smile:

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